Users can find assistance wherever they see the OITECH icon.

Graphic courtesy of: OIT


Help options will be available all day, every day.

Graphic courtesy of: OIT

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OIT offers expanded support, assistance

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will be expanding services for the Athens campus’ technology needs. Students and employees can receive technology services anytime by calling, clicking or visiting wherever the new OITECH symbol is displayed.

Expanded Phone Support

In response to faculty feedback regarding service levels, OIT recently implemented a direct support line through the 593-1222 phone number for faculty and staff callers and a separate line for students.

Faculty and staff simply press one for assistance with their technical issues and then press one again for classroom support.

Student callers press two for answers to the typical questions they might have.  

“Adding the options when calling the helpdesk will streamline the services and support OIT provides,” said Charles Cooper, director of OIT customer support services.

Another new offering is that callers can press zero for immediate assistance from OIT technicians in the field.

“I think it will be helpful for faculty and staff who call me to have an easy option to receive assistance from the OIT central service desk in the event I am away from my office. Some of the more routine problems can be resolved without a wait,” said Scott Robison, director of distance learning and online resources for the Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education and Human Services.

24/7 Answers to Tech Questions
A second feature now offered by clicking OITECH on the website is a 24/7 OITECH Customer Service Portal for tech assistance.  

The portal features a robust Knowledge Base with hundreds of articles so that information seekers can get answers from OITECH any time.

According to Cooper, “The Knowledge Base in our customer service portal works a lot like the searchable help feature in Microsoft Office applications. Faculty, staff and students are going to find it an extremely valuable tool for saving time and getting quick answers any time of the day or night.”  

In the event the Knowledge Base does not include the answer, the 24/7 OITECH Customer Service Portal is also the place to enter a new service request. Once a user is authenticated, a work request can be entered directly into the OHIO OIT system.

“Because our customers are making a direct personal request for service, it also means they are able to track the status of their work order by logging in later to see what technicians have done to process the request,” said  Cooper.

Personal Tech Assistance
Sometimes technical knowhow requires personal service from an OITECH Tech Guru. As needs on the Athens and regional campuses have increased, the Tech Depot has expanded.

Services have grown to include even more cool and exciting “techie” tools. And, of course, the OITECH Tech Guru station is staffed regularly for computer repairs and service.  

Ohio University faculty, staff and students can call, click or visit wherever the new OITECH symbol appears.