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OHIO’s “front door” to get new focus

Ohio.edu will be driven by marketing, prospective student needs

Ohio.edu will be getting a new look soon.

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is redesigning and refocusing the University’s homepage, referred to as the “front door,” to cater to the interest and needs of prospective students and external audiences.

Most of the renovations will center on the slideshow that appears on the top of Ohio.edu, commonly called the “marquee.”

Renea Morris, executive director of university communications and marketing, explained, “The new marquee space is part of our efforts to more consistently and widely market the Ohio University learning experience. We know that prospective students research us through Ohio.edu. We wanted to give them a quick way to become immersed in our website and the Ohio University learning experience.”

The images will link to articles and websites, as they have in the past, but the images and information will be chosen more strategically.

“Our goal is to use this prime piece of real estate on the front door as a marketing tool. The photographs, accompanying copy, video and links to other sections of the website will make it easy and inviting for prospective students and influencers to get a feel for the Ohio University experience,” said Kelley Finan, senior manager of external communications. “The rotating photographs will keep the site fresh while still allowing university news to be showcased on the home page.”

According to Morris, the revitalized marquee space will not just accomplish more for the University; it will highlight individual and appealing aspects of OHIO better than ever.

“Copy and links throughout the marquee space reflect the messages that are most important to the Ohio University brand and vision: transformative learning, the potential for students to fulfill their promise, and the excellence and achievement of our faculty, staff and alumni. We are telling the Ohio University story through words and photos that engage and hopefully inspire potential students to act.”