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Our Mission and Vision: Being and Becoming

Here’s a short quiz on vision and mission:
(Answers at end)

1.    An organization’s mission
a. helps guide day-to-day decisions
b. is the reason or purpose for an organization
c. neither “a” nor “b”
d. both “a” and “b”

2.    A vision 
 a. describes the desired state of an organization
 b. inspires and directs
 c. is not yet attained
 d. all of the above

Ohio University adopted a new vision statement recently.  A vision statement is a lofty goal that is meant to inspire and direct. In other words, it’s not yet attained but rather describes a desired state. Another way to view a vision is to see it as a statement of how the world will be different once it is attained. Ohio University’s vision is to become the nation’s best transformative learning community where students realize their promise, faculty advance knowledge, staff achieve excellence, and alumni become global leaders.

Working towards the vision doesn’t mean we abandon our dally work.  It actually provides direction and focus. A vision is something to strive for or set your sights on. From a branding perspective, it anchors and guides the decisions about how Ohio University communicates and expresses itself as an organization.

Although the vision is what we’d like to become, it is important remain true to our purpose or mission. Ohio University holds as its central purpose the intellectual and personal development of its students.

By focusing on nurturing the student learning experience and striving to become the best at transforming students’ lives, we will be able to continue helping students realize their promise, more of our faculty and staff will advance knowledge and achieve excellence and Ohio University alumni will continue to become global leaders.

This link www.ohio.edu/brand will take you to a PDF document that outlines the “Articles of the Academe,” which are comprised of our mission and vision statements as well as the core values and guiding principles to guide our decisions.

You will also find on the brand website our first installment of “brand illustrated,” sharing examples of how OHIO’s brand is being demonstrated and displayed. By clicking here www.ohio.edu/brand/illustrated, you’ll find some of the new advertisements that have been created this year for the academic marketing campaign in print and radio.

Mission, Vision Quiz Answers for both: “d”