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Revised furlough policy and FAQs posted

Revised versions of a university furlough policy (PDF) and a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), including an addendum providing responses to constituent group feedback, have been posted on the University Human Resources website. Revisions to the policy and the FAQs reflect suggestions made by members of constituent groups. 

On Oct. 15, President Roderick J. McDavis and Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit announced that the University would present a furlough policy to the Ohio University Board of Trustees for approval. There are no plans to institute a furlough in the current fiscal year, but McDavis and Benoit indicated that they viewed the establishment of a policy as a prudent measure.  In the event of an operating deficit, a furlough could be used as a short-term solution for balancing the University’s budget.

In response to constituent input the following changes were made to the policy:

  • Section 5: Consultation Regarding the Need for a Furlough

    Budget Planning Council added to the consultation process to determine the need for a furlough: “The President shall also ask the Budget Planning Council to review and evaluate the need for implementing a furlough. The Council shall provide a report and recommendation to the President within 10 calendar days. “

  • Section 6: Consultation Regarding Furlough Implementation

    Budget Planning Council and the chair of Chairs and Directors Council added to the groups to be consulted on the development of an implementation plan for a furlough.

  • Section 7: The Furlough Plan

    Language added to clarify the ability of faculty to take furlough days during intersession and spring break: “Furlough days must be taken on days that an employee is normally scheduled to work. Notwithstanding the foregoing, faculty may take furlough days during intersession and spring break.”

Also in response to constituent suggestions some of the FAQs were modified to address particular issues.

Ann Fidler, executive associate provost and chief of staff for Benoit, indicated that all of the recommendations received were evaluated carefully but noted that it was not feasible to revise the policy in some of the ways that were suggested.

She stated, however, “In the addendum to the FAQs, we tried to honor the concerns expressed by providing a response to every issue sent forward by the constituent groups.”

The furlough policy is part of the agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting to be held in Athens on Nov. 18 and 19.