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Stephen Dubner

Stephen Dubner

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Author Stephen Dubner to talk Freakonomics

Speaker uses humor to discuss interesting topics

Stephen Dubner, co-author of international bestsellers "Freakonomics" and "Superfreakonomics" will speak at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12, in Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

The free event, which is part of the Ohio University Kennedy Lecture Series, is based on "Freakonomics" – the book that made it safe to discuss the economics of crack cocaine and the impact of baby names.

During his lecture, Dubner will use humor and first-rate storytelling to discuss the sort of topics that are on every person's mind these days: the ways to create behavior change, the incentives that work and don't work, and the value of asking unpopular questions.
"Freakonomics" made it safe to wonder about and explore the hidden side of everything: the inner workings of a crack gang; the truth about real-estate agents; the telltale marks of a cheating schoolteacher or the perfect parent. The book's popularity led Dubner to host "Freakonomics Radio" and maintain a "Freakonomics" blog along with co-author Steven Levitt on The New York Times website. It also spawned the feature-length "Freakonomics" documentary, which was released in October.
Dubner has worked as an editor and writer at The New York Times, taught English at Columbia University, and appeared regularly on "Good Morning America" and "World News Tonight." In college, he started a rock band that was signed to Arista Records. He also is the author of two previous books, "Choosing My Religion" and
"Confessions of a Hero-Worshiper," as well as a children's book titled, "The Boy With Two Belly Buttons."