David Descutner

David Descutner

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Ann Fidler

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EVPP announces staff changes

Descutner and Fidler gain permanent status

Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit recently announced that David Descutner and Ann Fidler, who have served in interim roles in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (EVPP) for three years, will become permanent members of her staff. 

Descutner, who will maintain his responsibilities as dean of University College and associate provost for undergraduate studies, will serve as executive vice provost. Fidler will take on the role of executive associate provost and chief of staff. 

As executive vice provost, Descutner will assist Benoit with the management of units that report to EVPP; exercise direct supervision of Institutional Equity, the Ombudsman, the Ohio University Press, and other units as assigned; act as the primary liaison for university constituencies as well as state and national agencies and organizations; represent Benoit and act on her behalf on university and external committees; organize and lead special projects; and serve as a primary adviser on university issues. 

As executive associate provost and chief of staff, Fidler will oversee the administrative and academic support functions of EVPP; manage and implement policy review, strategic planning, operational issues, and programs initiated by Benoit; act as the principal liaison for academic and executive leaders; serve as the main media spokesperson and communications officer for Benoit and the office; and function as a primary adviser on university matters.

Benoit, who recently completed her first year as executive vice president and provost, said that she inherited a strong team of associate and vice provosts. "I’m fortunate to have smart, effective colleagues in all areas of my office," said Benoit. 

She noted that a year in the job has given her the opportunity to reflect on the best way to structure the work of EVPP. "After my first year I have a greater appreciation for the volume and complexity of the issues brought to my office," she said. "In order to continue to improve our ability to serve the university, some additional executive oversight needs to be provided to ensure that we can meet needs and expectations in a timely manner." 

Benoit indicated that as interim staff members, Descutner and Fidler have demonstrated the ability to work across the university on a variety of complex projects and in a number of different capacities. "I am pleased that they have agreed to continue their efforts on behalf of the provost's office."

Both appointments are effective immediately. Neither individual will receive additional compensation for their expanded responsibilities.