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Phase 2 will begin June 14 and last 28 days.

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Richland construction: Phase 2 to begin June 14

New lane closures, detours to be implemented

The second phase of the Richland Avenue/SR 682 Intersection Improvements Plan, also referred to as the roundabout construction, will begin Monday, June 14.

New lane closures and detours will be in effect during this phase. Richland Avenue, between Dairy Lane and SR 682, will be closed. Traffic will be directed through US 33.

According to the City of Athens, the new portion of SR 682, east of the intersection, and Richland Avenue, north of the SR 682 intersection, will be open to traffic throughout Phase 2. 
According to a news release sent out by the city, “Pedestrian and cyclist traffic along north-south Richland Avenue will be maintained by installing a temporary cross-walk on Richland Avenue south of the bridge. Barrier walls will be placed on the Richland Avenue Bridge to separate pedestrian and cyclist traffic from vehicle traffic, and the pedestrian/cyclist detour will continue to the newly-constructed sidewalk and bike path north of the bridge.” 

Phase 2 is expected to last 28 days and end July 11. After this phase is completed the roundabout will be open to traffic
Phase 3 construction will begin after the roundabout’s opening and include the completion of any remaining bridge work, the construction of the median island and the end barrier treatment along SR 682 east of the intersection, and the completion of the signing and lighting. Phase 3 is expected to be completed by Sept. 3.   

For more information please call the Engineering and Public Works Department, 593-7636.