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Meet IHS graduate student Pamela Ralph

Meet IHS graduate student Pamela Ralph

Meet Master of Integrated Health Studies student Pamela Ralph. Pamela recently completed her first semester of the new MIHS program.  Learn more about Pamela below:

What is your undergraduate degree and where is it from?
BSIHS, Ohio University

What are your personal and professional goals for the future?
I am interested in Health Policy and would like to someday teach.

What made you interested in the MIHS program?
I was so happy with the bachelor program at OHIO and was excited to see the MIHS with a choice of two certificate areas.

How so you feel your MIHS courses help support you in achieving your goals?
The MIHS program affords me the opportunity to choose 2 out of 5 pathways that will merge in the future.  These paths will place me in a lead role wherever I choose to work!

What are some of your outside of school interests, that make you who you are?
I enjoy painting, cooking, and crafts.

If you could positively impact a health disparity what would you focus on?
I would like to positively impact the rate in which minority populations have chronic diseases.

What makes you smile?
Seeing my grandson smile!

What makes you unique?
I’m in college very late in life.