Ohio University

Mission and Vision


The Healthcare Innovation Initiative prepares leaders for the increased complexity and constant change of healthcare. Ohio University’s College of Health Sciences and Professions offers a unique series of educational experiences specifically developed to assist health professionals in becoming more effective leaders. Designed with you in mind, our interactive courses are developed and taught by healthcare professionals currently working in their areas of expertise. Other benefits include:

  • Affordable courses
  • Contact hour(s) offered
  • Three convenient course formats: classroom, online, and on-site delivery
  • Discounts available for healthcare partners


Our mission is to deliver high quality continuing education programs for healthcare professionals empowering them to grow and flourish as leaders.


"As healthcare has become one of the fastest growing industries of our national and local economies, we endeavor to provide experiences designed and developed to exceed standards. The College of Health Sciences and Professions aspires to be a responsive and interactive resource for health-focused organizations wishing to develop cutting edge programs to enhance and advance the skills and leadership abilities of their staff. Combined with our academic offerings, the college will promote the development of professionals at each stage of their career across all health disciplines through our continuing education and workforce development programs, positioning CHSP to be a leader in the nation in educating, innovating, and motivating health professionals throughout their careers."

— Randy Leite, PhD, Dean