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Chillicothe campus plans for operating under social distancing directive

Chillicothe campus plans for operating under social distancing directive

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and in an effort to prevent widespread illness on our campuses, Ohio University President M. Duane Nellis announced on Friday, March 13, that OHIO would provide remote and online instruction through the end of spring semester for all our campuses and locations. Our collective goal is to continue to provide the highest quality educational experience possible under extraordinary circumstances.

During this time, Bennett Hall and Stevenson Center are the only buildings open. Operating hours will be as follows: Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The University is currently working on developing COVID-19 webpages for the each of the regional campus’s websites so that campus specific information is readily available. General information regarding the University’s response to COVID-19 is available at www.ohio.edu/coronavirus.

Please rest assured that we will do everything we can to support you as we all learn how to work through this unpredictable time. See below how the Chillicothe campus has responded to the current situation and will continue to provide service to our students:


Information and instructions should have been provided to you by your instructors with regard as to how they plan to operate under this virtual learning environment. If you have NOT yet heard from your professors about their plans to move forward, please contact the Ohio University Chillicothe Dean’s Office at kellyk@ohio.edu or 740.774.7222.


During this unprecedented time, we want to provide employees with as much flexibility and support as possible to ensure we continue to have a healthy and productive workforce. In turn, Ohio University Chillicothe has the following plan in place so that we can continue to provide services to our current and prospective students.

Information Technology

OIT remains on-campus, especially as we return to classes following our extended spring break on Monday.

OIT continues to identify and implement solutions to lessen the burden on students as we transition to remote course delivery. Please be on the lookout for notifications from the campus regarding additional services available to ease this transition.


In order to protect patrons and employees, Ohio University Libraries’ facilities on the Athens and regional campuses will close by 5 p.m. Friday, March 20th until further notice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Libraries staff will continue to offer information services and support the electronic delivery of critical content for teaching, learning, and research via chat, email, and telephone. Please see the Remote Library Services and Libraries FAQ for more information. 

The library staff are working on having a chat feature embedded on the Chillicothe campus library page; until that happens, your options for library assistance are phone at 740-774-7202 or individuals may email the Library Director, Brandi Weaver (weaverb1@ohio.edu) or the Senior Library Assistant, Chris Hicks, (hicksc@ohio.edu). The staff will also be available on Microsoft Teams, and Weaver will be available on Skype for students who are more comfortable with that format. Feel free to email or call Weaver to set up an appointment.


Most of the nursing staff are working remotely; however, Jennifer Montgomery (montgoj3@ohio.edu), Administrative Assistant, is working on-campus once a week.

Danielle Schabel (schabeld@ohio.edu), Interim Associate Director of Nursing

Jeremiah Triplett (triplej1@ohio.edu), Nursing Advisor

Student Services

The following student services staff are currently working on-campus: John Fisher (fisherj3@ohio.edu), Director of Student Services; and Jaime Lowe (lowej@ohio.edu), Coordinator of Student Enrollment.

The rest of the student services staff are working remotely. Please see the following remote location contact information: 


Beth Barnes, Coordinator of Student Recruitment and Academic Advisor

  • Email: barnesb@ohio.edu
  • Google voice: 740-248-5931 call and text
  • Office phone checking voicemail remotely: 740-774-7755

Heidi Cottrill, Accessibility Coordinator

Cheryl Hoffman, Records Management Specialist | Admissions and Registration

Cynthia Mendenhall, Career Coach for Regional Campuses

Martha Tanedo, Coordinator of Financial Aid and Student Activities and Academic Advisor

  • Email: tanedo@ohio.edu
  • Google voice: 740-239-2160 call and text
  • Office phone checking voicemail remotely: 740-774-7733 and 740.774.7289 =

Ashlee Tatman, Coordinator of Student Support and Academic Advisor

  • Email: tatman@ohio.edu
  • Google voice: 740-207-2664 call and text
  • Office phone checking voicemail remotely: 740-774-7229

Students may also contact Student Services staff via Microsoft Teams. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Catmail through an internet browser.
  2. Find the App Launcher, the nine dot square in the upper left corner.
  3. Click “Teams” on that list. This will open Teams in your browser. You can download the computer app by clicking the download icon on the bottom left of the Team screen or use Teams right from your browser.
  4. Click “Chat” on the left side.
  5. Find the “New Chat” icon, the square with the pencil in it. Click that icon.
  6. Begin typing the name of the person you need to reach.
  7. From there you can chat using the messenger or click the video camera or phone meeting. If the person is unavailable he/she/they will receive a notification that you attempted contact.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is currently working on a plan to provide tutoring services virtually to the Chillicothe campus. Please keep on the lookout for further communication. Until then, services will be provided using social distancing practices.

Debra Nickles, Writing Center Coordinator (nickles@ohio.edu)

Kimber Lang, Math Center Coordinator (langk@ohio.edu)

Testing Center

The Testing Center will be open. However, we will reduce the number of stations in half so that we can attempt to limit close contact. Please be mindful of this when scheduling exams in the testing center. Questions and concerns may be directed to Mary Basham (bashamm@ohio.edu), Testing Center Coordinator.

Please be advised to reach out to the appropriate individual/office prior to traveling to campus and remember to maintain social distancing when in contact. There is also a reduced workforce in the Dean’s Office and the facilities team on-campus.