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Facility Information

Equipment and Capabilities

  • 4.5-MV tandem accelerator
  • Cs sputter ion source (H, D, Li, C, and other heavy ions)
  • Alphatross ion source (3He and 4He)
  • Beam pulsing with nanosecond resolution
  • Neutron detection (NE213, Li-glass, 3He, BF3)
  • Well-shielded 30-m tunnel for neutron time-of-flight measurements
  • Gamma-ray detection (Ge, NaI, BGO, LaBr)
  • Charged-particle scattering chamber; Silicon lampshade array
  • Charged-particle time-of-flight spectroscopy with up to 2-m flight paths
  • W.M. Keck Thin Film Analysis Facility
  • Neutron production, including via solid and gaseous tritium targets
  • Neutron detector calibration
Interior of the Edwards Accelerator Lab
Interior of the Edwards Accelerator Lab


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