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Dr. Gene Ammarell

Gene Ammarell

Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Yale University, 1994

Contact Information:
Phone: (740) 593-1379
Office: Bentley Annex 153

Core Faculty:
Southeast Asian Studies Program

Curriculum Vitae

Interactive study guide for the documentary Sharing Paradise

Areas of Specialization:
Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Cognitive Anthropology, Political Ecology, Social Change and Development, Ethnographic Field Methods, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Bugis

Courses Taught:
Anth 1010: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anth 3850/5850: Cultures of Southeast Asia
Anth 3860/5860: Problems in Southeast Asian Anthropology
Anth 4550/5560: Ethnographic Methods and Field Research
Anth 4720/5720: History of Anthropological Thought
Anth 4941/5941: Seminar in Cultural Anthropology

Selected Publications:
Ammarell, Gene. 2011. “Just Below the Surface: Environmental Destruction and Loss of Livelihood on an Indonesian Atoll.” In Everyday Life in Southeast Asia ed. Kathleen M. Adams and Kathleen Gillogly. Indiana University Press, pp. 304-16.

Navigasi BugisAmmarell, Gene. 2009. Navigasi Bugis. Translation of Bugis Navigation (1999), Translated by Nurhady Sirimorok. Makassar: Hasanuddin University Press.

A. Hapsari and G. Ammarell. 2008. Sharing Paradise (Documentary Film). Documentary Educational Resources, Watertown, MA.

Ammarell, Gene. 2008. “Indigenous Astronomical Knowledge of the Indo-Malay Archipelago.” In Encyclopaedia of the History of Non-Western Science: Natural Sciences, Technology and Medicine, revised edition, ed. Helaine Selin. Heidelberg , Berlin: Springer. Pp. 324-333.

Ammarell, Gene. 2007. Review of Deadly Dances in the Bornean Rainforest: Hunting Knowledge of the Penan Benalui by Rajindra K. Puri (Leiden: KITLV Press, 2005).  American Anthropologist 109:3:578-579.

Ammarell, Gene. 2007. “Astronomy in the Indo-Malay Archipelago.” Republished in Encyclopaedia of Classical Indian Sciences, ed. Helaine Selin and Roddam Narasimha. Hyderabad: Universities Press (India).

Ammarell, Gene. 2005. "The Planetarium and the Plough: Interpreting Star Calendars of Rural Java." Republished in Songs from the Sky:Indigenous Astronomical and Cosmological Traditions of the World, ed. Von Del Chamberlain, John B. Carlson and M. Jane Young. College Park: Ocarina Books. Pp. 320-335. Special issue of Archaeoastronomy (1996) 12-13:320-335.

Ammarell, Gene. 2002. "Bugis Migration and Modes of Adaptation to Local Situations." Ethnology 41(1):51-67.

Ammarell, Gene. 2002. "Knowing When to Sail: Practical Knowledge and Simple Heuristics in Bugis Navigational Strategies." Bijdragen tot de Tall-Land, en Volkenkunde 158(2):191-223.

Ammarell, Gene. 2000. "Network Newsgroups as a Teaching Tool in the Social Sciences." Teaching Sociology 28(2):153-159.

Ammarell, Gene. 1999. Bugis Navigation. New Haven: Yale University Southeast Asia Studies Monograph Series.

Ammarell, Gene. 1997. "Astronomy in the Indo-Malay Archipelago." Pp. 117-125 in Encyclopedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures, edited by Helaine Selin. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Republished in Encyclopedia of Classical Indian Sciences, ed. Helaine Selin and Roddam Narasimha. Hyderabad: Universities Press (India).

Ammarell, Gene. 1995. "Navigation Practices of the Bugis of South Sulawesi, Indonesia." Pp. 196-218 in Seafaring in the Contemporary Pacific Islands, edited by Richard Feinberg. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press.

Farrer, Claire, Gene Ammarell, and Bernard Second. 1989-1993. "Mescalero Apache Ethnoastronomy: Problems and Praxis." Archaeoastronomy 11:57-63.

Ammarell, Gene. 1988. "Sky Calendars of the Indo-Malay Archipelago: Regional Diversity, Local Knowledge." Indonesia 45:85-104.


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