See What Our MSES Students Are Up To!


Our Master's in Science and Environmental Studies' students are constantly staying active and involved! Read below and see what each of them do to help make our environment and the world a better place!



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Current Student, Alexander Murphy, scheduled his defense titled: Plasticity of Growth Rate in the High-Back Pygmy Swordtail,
Xiphophorus multilineatus, in Response to Social Context and Maternal Effects. 
What: Oral Defense of master's thesis work
When: Wednesday May 16th, 2012 from 2-4 P.M.
Where: Irvine 159
Why: In partial fulfillment of the requirements to obtain master's of science
Who: Everyone is invited!!!
Alexander Murphy  LCFM29


Alumni, Tracy Formica, oversaw fieldwork on the excavations at the Tree House site for 7 months in Columbia, SC last year.


Alumni, Jonathan Brauer, spent the summer working as Co-Op with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD)
Environmental Assessment Section conducting water quality sampling and
biological monitoring. Click here to see what he has to say about the MSES program.

jonathan brauer1     jonathan brauer2


Alumni, Jessie Soye, is in Billings, MT working on an AmeriCorps Vista Project. Check out this link.


Kylie Johnson's Compass article      kylie Johnson's Video about branching out      
Read Kylie Johnson's article titled 'Graduate student balances beauty and sustainability' which discusses her being a multi pageant-winning beauty queen and her work towards a master's degree in Environmental Studies! Click on the pictures to read more and see her video about branching out!


Nathan Daniel donates eighty trees and several hundred protective tubes, helping the chestnut restoration in southeast Ohio. Read the article 'OHIO research project enables local American chestnut tree planting', to learn more about this initiative! (2011)
Nathan Daniel accepted the Research Associate Program Coordinator position at Great Basin Institute! He will soon be coordinating with federal land management partners including the FS, BLM, and NPS.  This partnership provides conservation and natural resource management opportunities to researchers including inventorying rare plant communities, mapping and treating exotic species, wildlife monitoring, and monitoring and evaluating restoration initiatives. (2012)                                         

Jeremy Phan's Compass article about his research      A brief summary and pictures of his research      
Jeremy Phan helps in the reintroduction of two endangered primates back into their wild habitat. Click on the pictures to read about his research at the Endangered Primate Rescue Center in Vietnam!


Nathan Daniel and Mary Alexis Leciejewski talk about the Master's in Science and Environmental Studies program! See Nathan's video here! See Mary's video here!



See their map here!      See all the results at the Ohio GIS conference map gallery here!      karla

Special congratulations to Karla Sanders and Steve Porter for their performance at the Ohio GIS Conference Map Gallery. Click the pictures to see their work! 




Scott Fisher does research, published in the OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association) newsletter. Click the picture and read about it! (on page 11)



Joe Brehm, former Ecohouse resident and Environmental Studies graduate student, plants a berry bush in the Ecohouse garden. 

Student initiative brings future sustenance to Appalachia. An Ohio graduate project plants and maps public fruit trees. Read more by clicking on the picture!



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