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For students incarcerated in state or federal facilities, there is no financial aid that can be awarded. The federal government has passed legislation that precludes incarcerated students from qualifying for guaranteed student loans, and incarcerated students in state or federal correctional facilities are ineligible to receive Pell Grant Funding or a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.

Some incarcerated students have sought aid for tuition costs from charitable, civic, church, or professional groups. Often when a group understands the benefit of earning college credit for an incarcerated student, it will be willing to offer some financial assistance, even if on a limited basis. Locating such aid is not easy.

*Please be sure that such solicitation of aid is permitted by the student's correctional institution.

Veterans Affairs Education Benefits

Students with Veteran Affairs education benefits (either for themselves or as a dependent) who have been admitted to the University as a degree-seeking student may apply for educational benefits. Because the VA does not consider print-based students to be full-time students, the benefit award normally will cover only the cost of tuition and fees (textbooks) associated with the course enrollment. VA benefits cannot be applied to course credit by examination.

*Students must be admitted as degree-seeking to use VA benefits.

If a student has been notified of eligibility to receive VA education benefits, then he or she should send a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility to Ohio University, which shows approval for VA benefits, to:

Veterans Coordinator
Office of the University Registrar
1 Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701


If VA education benefits have not been awarded, students may request a VA benefit application form from the veterans coordinator at the address above.

Students receiving pre-9/11 benefits will be invoiced the full tuition upon approval of their registration by the advisor. Payment must be received in full before the course registration will be processed. Students will be expected to reimburse themselves upon receiving money from the VA.

Students approved to receive post-9/11 benefits will be registered for advisor-approved courses once the Certificate of Eligibility is received. Ohio University will receive payment from the VA.

*Students who receive benefits from VA and do not complete courses will be required to reimburse the VA.

It is the responsibility of the student to verify to VA each month that they are still enrolled in the courses. Failure to report your enrollment status will cause your VA benefits to stop. The toll-free number is 1-888-442-4551 or send your verification to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
PO Box 4616
Buffalo, NY  14240-4616


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