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NEW Form replaces MOA document

Online Facilicator Form

Faculty should complete this form and send a copy to onlinefacilitator@ohio.edu or by campus mail to Haning 101 prior to the first day of class. More information on completing the form.

Register for Online Facilitator Training

Delivery: Online through Blackboard

Date: Begins March 10, 2014

Facilitator Training registrations must be submitted by a faculty member and should include:

Send registration request to:






Changes have been made to the online facilitator process effective Spring 2014. Details of the revised process follow.

What are facilitators and why does my course need them?

Online classes should foster a student-instructor relationship that surpasses the minimal level of interaction afforded by a face-to-face lecture class that enrolls hundreds of students. Research into the optimum online “learning community” recommends that the ratio between students and an instructor should be no greater than 25:1. To achieve this, sections of courses larger than 25 should be supported by additional teaching resources, such as graduate assistants, graders, discussion leaders, etc.  At Ohio University we refer to these assistants as course facilitators.

Facilitator = an assistant to the faculty member teaching an online course
with more than 25 students

Facilitators work with faculty much like graduate students assist in a campus-based class. Primarily facilitators assist faculty with grading, managing discussion board use, responding to email questions, and other duties as assigned by the instructor.  

A large section can be effectively divided into smaller, interactive “learning community” groups with the addition of facilitators

The recommended process is that each facilitator is assigned a group of 25 students and manages the entire group, under the supervision of the instructor of record. The instructor, however, determines the facilitator’s role and supervises facilitator performance as best suited to the course.

Sources: Sizing Online Courses: Exploring Challenges and Practices, Eduventures Online Higher Education Learning Collaborative, November 2011; Considerations for the Structure of Large Online Classes, Education Advisory Board Continuing and Online Education Forum, October 2012.

How do I find a facilitator?

eLearning OHIO manages a process to help you identify possible facilitators, provide facilitator training, and process pay for their facilitation work.

When should I add a facilitator?

How many facilitators will I need for my course?

Who can be a facilitator?

What will the facilitator earn?

What if I don’t know of anyone qualified to be a facilitator in my course?

When do I get started to add a facilitator(s) for my course next term?


How do I inform eLearning OHIO of who will be a facilitator in my course so payment can be processed?