about eCampus



eCampus is Ohio University’s gateway for higher education from a distance.  OHIO has an abundance of physical gateways made of bricks and steel on our campuses and they are the perfect symbols of the transformational experience that higher education should provide.  

Today, many students who live out of range of our campuses, or whose responsibilities prevent them from walking through one of our on-campus gateways, can benefit from an Ohio University education through this virtual gateway, Ohio University eCampus.

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Who Else Visits eCampus?

eCampus also is a resource for faculty and staff who may want more information about offering distance learning. eLearning OHIO, which administers eCampus, provides multiple services to departments at Ohio University to help them connect with students who study in the department’s courses and programs and work toward degrees conferred by the department’s college.

eCampus also includes sections for businesses and communities regarding professional development opportunities for their employees or members, and for OHIO alumni.