Review and Standards Committee

The committee will be a university committee advising the vice president for student affairs on the university student conduct system and the Ohio University Student Code of Conduct. It will periodically review the goals of educational discipline and effectiveness of disciplinary sanctions, advise on the appointments to hearing boards, and recommend changes in the code and university student conduct policies and procedures. Further, it maintains responsibility for developing detailed procedures to be followed in the hearing process, including:
1.  Developing appropriate communication materials to be used in notifying students who have allegedly violated the code of conduct, and;
2.  Developing a Student Rights and Options Guide for students accused of violating the code of conduct. The committee will be appointed each year by the Faculty Senate and will include the following persons:
a.  Vice President for Student Affairs, or designee chairperson;
b.  Director of Legal Affairs, or designee, advisor;
c.  Director of the Office of Community Standards & Student Responsibility;
d.  Executive Director of Residential Housing, or designee;
e.  Paraprofessional Residential Housing Staff Member (e.g., resident assistant; security aide);
f.  Director of Students Defending Students, or designee;
g.  President of the Graduate Student Senate, or designee;
h.  Two members of the University Hearing Board (one student and one faculty member);
i.  Representative of the Resident's Action Council (other than a paraprofessional staff member);
j.  Off-campus student representative; and Greek organization representative.

Any member of the Ohio University community may propose amendments to the student code of conduct. Proposed amendments shall be reviewed by the Student Code of Conduct: Review and Standards Committee in a timely manner. Amendments approved by the committee will be submitted annually to the vice president for student affairs for consideration and recommendation to the president. Any proposed change in code policy is subject to presidential approval and formal action by the board of trustees.