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Department of Aviation Q2S (Quarter to Semester) Information

Department of Aviation Q2S Transition Advising begins:

Fall 2011 for all Aviation programs

Find Your Department of Aviation Q2S Transition Advisor:

Your Q2S advisor will be your regular advisor.

If you do not know the name of your advisor, go your MyOhio account, or contact Theresa Meyer at 740-597-2629.

Make a Q2S Transition Advising Appointment:

  • For all students, transition advising will occur at the same time and location as the normal advising appointments for winter quarter scheduling (approximately sixth and seventh week of fall quarter, in your advisors office).
  • Students will receive an e-mail with instructions for scheduling advising appointments.
  • The transition advising appointments will be schedules in 60 minute time blocks.

Preparing for your Transition Advising Appointment:

  • Undergraduate students should review the applicable AVN Q2S transition plan and course schedule, print out the blank Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP) form, and mark it with their information to create a tentative TDCP for discussion at their transition advising appointment.
  • Please arrive on time and prepared for your appointment, and bring along all of the class scheduling and TDCP materials that you have.
  • Once you have completed the planning, you should print out and sign the appeals process document. 

Documents to download:

  • Transition Degree Completion Plan Form - Click Here
  • Flight Option Q2S transition plan - Click Here
  • Management Option Q2S transition plan - Click Here
  • Russ College of Engineering and Technology Q2S Advising Appeal Process - Click Here
  • Ohio University Tentative Course Offereings for Undergraduates - Click Here

For more information about the Department of Aviation

Q2S Transition:

Theresa Meyer
Chief Dispatcher
KUNI Airport

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