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Ohio University's Flying Bobcats Nightly Blog
-Nationals 2007 from Rickenbacker International

Monday May 14th, 2007:  11:30AM EDT
     RESULTS BLOG: I apologize it took so long for me to get the results blog sent out. Between packing and coordinating the return trip, time has been very limited. First off, a quick thanks to Scott Abramson for helping post the blog and making it work for the second year in a row.  First and foremost, the team had a fairly soild and consistent preformance this year.  The Flying Bobcats placed 20th overall. Some of the better resultus include: Mike and Nathan placing 12th in Navigation, Marco placing 14th in Preflight, Mike was named Outstanding Team Member, Mike and Brad placed 20th in CRM, and Amos placed 20th in IFR. If you're interested, the team results should be placed on the NIFA website within a few weeks. I really think if we keep working hard over the summer, we will be tough competition for Regionals 2007, here at OU. Thanks for tuning in this past week and hopefully, we can do this blog thing again come fall. Until next time, CAVU (thats ceiling and visibility unrestricted, for those non pilots out there)!

Friday May 11th, 2007:  11:40PM EDT
     It’s official, for the first time in recent years, national competition finished on time as planned.  Today’s big event was Message Drop.  All the teams went up with their message containers prepared by Mike and Tiff.  Amos and Heath, Marco
and Matt Miller, Brad and Sean, and Chase and Anthony all tried their best to get the messages as close to the barrels as possible.  NetJets brought over a Citation Excel for us to look at today, it was pretty fantastic.  With only 800 total hours on the aircraft, it goes without saying that it was very clean and nice inside.   Tonight the team also attended the Friday Night Social at the AirNet hangar where everyone relaxed, had some nice BBQ, and several companies raffled off some sweet prizes.  Tomorrow night is the banquet night and with all events finishing on time, we can sleep in for the first time practically since we’ve been here.  It should be a great opportunity to catch up on work that we’ve all been missing while at competition.  Look for some overall results tomorrow, hard to believe it will be the last post too.  Until then, goodnight.

Thursday May 10th, 2007:  9:00PM EDT
     It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since we left Athens.  For practically the first time in NIFA history, all the flying events will most likely be getting done on time and we won’t have to get up early on Saturday morning!  Besides a few minor glitches, power on landings went alright today.  A cold front passed last night (hard to believe with the 4 degree temperature drop we felt) so the weather was a little different than it has been.  We saw a lot more haze and less blue sky than before.  Brad and Mike did the CRM event today.  For being their first time, they did very well and hopefully will grow from today’s experiences.  Mike and Chase also did the Safety and Loening presentations.  The feedback from the judges seemed very positive.  The team also went out for dinner tonight at Brio at Easton Center and did a little just for fun shopping and hanging out afterward.  Later on tonight, a few teammates are going to make sure the message containers for message drop are ready for the event tomorrow and then we’re all going to bed, since we yet again have to leave here at 6:45.
Only 48 hours until we see how we did this past week, keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday May 9th, 2007:  11:14PM EDT
     The weather has been unbelievable this week! We got all the power off landings in today. Brad, Amos, Heath, and Brent all went up and did the best they could against 30 other teams in the pattern at LCK. Amos and Marco also did the preflight event. Like everything else, we won’t hear results until Saturday night, but all the competitors sounded like they did fine. Everyone else worked hard at pushing the planes across the tarmac, safety officer Sean was working hard at heading that up and we successfully went through a day with no incidents. Johann stopped by for the day and helped out the SCAN team practice and also helped push planes for awhile. The SCAN team had their test tonight also in the Drury Inn. Brad, Mike, Nathan, Amos, and Brian all worked their butts off studying for the test and everyone seemed fairly confident about their efforts. Tomorrow is another busy day for the team. We’re doing all the power on landings. To give you an idea of the time involved, they started sending out heats to the runway at 8 this morning and finished just after 3. The same story should hold true tomorrow. That’s pretty much all from Columbus, another early start tomorrow (6:45 AM Departure!!!!). Goodnight from up north!

Tuesday May 8th, 2007:  11:53PM EDT
     I hope no one is too sad we didn’t get a post up Monday night! It’s 11:00ish Tuesday night and now’s time to reflect on what has happened since we last chatted Sunday night. First and foremost, the weather up here has been completely fantastic, visibility unrestricted and winds mostly calm. Daytime on Monday was last minute practicing. All the Navigation teams went up for one more run and Amos went up for some landings practice. After all the practice, we had opening ceremonies at the Fawcett Center on Ohio State’s campus. The opening ceremonies were all about introductions for the week and game plans etc.

etc. After the meeting, the Aircraft Recognition team competed against 30 other schools. Scott Abramson also arrived last night with N720U so we could have two Warriors for Navigation. That brings us to today. Today was an EARLY start, we left for the airport at 6:00 this morning. The navigation event lasts the entire day due to the fact there are 90 teams/planes going out on navigation runs. All the navigation teams seemingly did alright, we’ll have to see on Saturday. Amos also did the IFR event where he was tested on his IFR flying skills in a simulator very similar to our Warrior minus all the cool computer stuff. Tonight E6B also competed at the Drury Inn over by Grove City. Mike, Nathan, Stephanie, Heath, and Brent all seem fairly confident in their performances tonight and so far, the months of preparation have paid off!

Tomorrow beings the landings competitions with Power Off landings. Besides the extreme sun and surprising heat on the ramp, the team is still happy to be here and we all find it hard to believe we’ve almost been gone a week. Check back again tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have some conversation about how all the pilots felt the landings went!

Sunday May 6th, 2007:  11:44PM EDT
     It was windy today, really windy. Luckily for us, the wind was within crosswind limits. Just as we figured last night, lots of flying happened today. All the landers AND Navigation teams flew. Overall, everyone seemingly did a good job yet again today. The ramp looks pretty packed with aircraft so we figure all the teams are here now. The simulator team (Brent, Amos, and Marco) and the Crew Resource Management team (Mike and Brad) got some practice time in their respective simulators. The practice time was only a half hour long and the next time we’re in the sims will be competition day, yikes indeed. SCAN took a practice test once we got back to the hotel and Mike and Nathan worked on safety once again this evening. Tomorrow is the opening ceremonies and the Air Rec event, time to competition is fast approaching. While most practice time is over, the work for the week has just begun and the team is taking a deep breath preparing for the marathon that is going to hit us this in these next five days.

Check in again tomorrow to see how the opening shindig went. Until then, goodnight.

Saturday May 5th, 2007:  11:50PM EDT
     Well, the weather came in, as expected. Nathan and Mike tried to do a Navigation run but mid first leg, they ran into a rainstorm and aborted, proof that you can’t always trust the written weather and vigilance is a must in the air. Landings were a go all day and Brad, Brent, and Heath did a good amount of practice. SCAN and E6B did some practice tests and the Aircraft Recognition team studied pictures a good portion of the day. Only two more practice days left. Tomorrow is supposed to be good weather so lots of practice should happen for all the events. Tonight, the team went and saw Spiderman 3 as a little kick-back-and-relax-it’s-Saturday night deal. Mike and Nathan are putting the finishing touches on the Loening Presentation and diligently working on the Safety Presentation too. All in all, things are running pretty smoothly and everyone’s pretty excited for the pace to start picking up as the week progresses. Check in tomorrow because good flying days mean good stories.

Until then, good night from Canal Winchester!

Friday May 4th, 2007:  11PM EDT
     Hello to everyone from the Amerihost Inn in Canal Winchester! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the last nationals. This year the National SAFECON is again hosted by Ohio State, the only difference is that instead of flying out of Don Scott Field, we’re flying out of Rickenbacker International Airport, KLCK if you want to look it up. We arrived last night at about 8 p.m.

Tiff and Brad flew up in 1000U, Brent and Brian flew up in 220U, and Nathan, Matt Miller, and Marco flew up in 760U. Everyone else drove in the aviation van, driven by Stephanie. The weather was perfect for departure and stayed perfect for today’s practice. Coach George put emphasis on flying events so all the landers got plenty of practice slots today. The Navigation teams also got some practice in today. We’re now allowed to use the GPS in the Warrior for Nav so the pressure is on to do well this year. After a good day of practice we went to Nathan’s farm again for a nice fire cooked dinner with Brats and Italian Sausages, thanks again to Mr. & Mrs. Galieti for having the team over. It’s about 11:00 PM now on Friday and we’re looking at the weather for tomorrow, not looking too promising for practice Nav runs but it should be ok for the landers, we’ll see when tomorrow arrives. Tune in again tomorrow and see what adventures happen over the next 24 hours here at SAFECON 2007!

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