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Application process

Students seeking to declare the Bachelor of Specialized Studies major with 60 or more credit hours completed are required to work with advisors and faculty to achieve an appropriate program.

Plan to attend a BSS information session prior to becoming a BSS major and starting the proposal application process. For print-based students, please connect with your designated BSS academic advisor for an orientation.

Prospective students may connect with our program several ways:

  • In MyOHIO Success Network, students may raise their hand for more information or an advisor may refer students to the BSS program for more information.
  • Students may call 740-593-1935 to sign up for a BSS information session.
  • For OHIO Online and regional campus students, please declare your intention to become pre-BSS with your academic advisor. Please call 740-593-1935 if you need assistance.

BSS Information Sessions

Your BSS information session facilitator will email you 30-60 minutes prior to the meeting with a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Already attended an information session? Contact University College if you did not receive the post-information session pre-BSS major declaration link and application packet. Your attendance at the information session will be verified. Contact University College to schedule an advising appointment with your BSS advisor to develop your application. Bring a draft of your proposal.

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Declare the Pre-BSS major 

Before officially declaring the BSS major, students temporarily declare the pre-BSS major. Students who have attended a BSS information session are eligible to receive a pre-BSS major code link and proposal materials. Call 740-593-1935 if you are unable to find your “Next Steps to be Pre-BSS” e-mail which contains those items. Only students who formally declared the pre-major code and whose attendance can be verified from an information/advising session will be added to the pre-major.

To be eligible to apply to Pre-BSS you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled
  • Have a minimum of a 2.0 accumulative grade point average

Declaring the BSS major 

Once a student declares the pre-BSS major, we will assign a BSS academic advisor. Students are then encouraged to complete a rough draft of the proposal and meet with their BSS academic advisor as quickly as possible.

At your first BSS advising meeting, you’ll review your “What-If pre-BSS” DARS report to understand your own “construction zone” to build your major, agree to a timeline and adjust the MyOhio Success Network (MOSN) success plan accordingly, and review your rough draft. Depending upon the date of your meeting, discussing the adjustment of your current schedule to match your proposed draft may be important. Scheduling a 45-60 minute first advising session is strongly recommended.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Career Network coach to assist with the creation of their transition plan within the proposal. If writing assistance is needed to draft the proposal, please work with a tutor at the Writing Commons.

Students will collaborate with their advisor to revise and refine their proposal until it receives a “green light” (meets all criteria on the checklist and faculty rubric for the proposal). At that point, students will begin working with identified faculty partners no later than the green light deadline.

Once faculty partners support the student’s proposal, a pre-BSS student meets with their BSS advisor once more to formalize the submission of their proposal (attaching and signing off on the checklist) for admission to the BSS program.

The BSS Proposal Review Committee meets three times a year. Once a student’s proposal is admitted, their major code changes from pre-BSS to BSS, and their approved curriculum appears on the DARS report.