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Costs and Financial Aid

MFA Program - Costs and Financial Aid

Tuition and General Fees

Generally speaking, tuition and general fees for the program are approximately $9,500 per year, with an additional fee of approximately $8,000 per year for non-Ohio residents. For specific, itemized costs visit the Graduate College’s Tuition and Fees.

Support: Our program offers tuition support at the time of application for students with exceptional portfolios. Select MFA students will receive full coverage of tuition, as well as non-resident fees (for students applying from outside Ohio). This support does not cover general student fees or health insurance.

Living Expenses

Ohio University estimates the annual cost of living in Athens, Ohio to be approximately $15,000 per year. This estimate includes room and board, transportation and “personal expenses”, but does not include Health Insurance (which can be purchased from the University for approximately $2,000/year). 

Support: For students interested in teaching undergraduate courses, our program offers stipends of up to $16,500 per year to offset the cost of living. In exchange for funding, students are expected to teach or serve as a teaching assistant both fall and spring semester. Additional funding may be available for summer teaching, as needed by the college. The goal of our educational support program is to provide MFA students with teaching guidance and experience, as well as financial support. Students receiving this stipend will be expected to attend a summer training program prior to classes starting in the fall.  Other forms of support for MFA students may be found at Ohio University’s Human Resources.

Educational Supplies

The cost for books and educational supplies for MFA students is difficult to estimate. Our program provides equipment and digital workstations for the students, but projects often require additional supplies such as hard drives, digital assets, transportation, crew stipends, etc. Some courses, but certainly not all, require course fees. The cost of books fluctuates from course to course, professor to professor. 

The university estimates the cost of educational supplies at $1,000 per year, but we are unable to determine an estimate for MFA students. Some students will spend less than $1,000, but some may spend two or three times that amount depending upon their chosen projects and method of delivery and distribution. 

Support: The schools, college and the University offer support for graduate research and creative activity on an individual basis. Awards are available each semester.