OU ranked No. 1 in the Campus Race to Zero Waste Challenge

Grace Mealey
March 24, 2022

ATHENS — After week 4 of the 8-week Campus Race to Zero Waste challenge, Ohio University takes first place in the MAC division.

Ohio University also placed second in the state, ahead of Ohio State University. The Bobcats were able to get ahead of rival Miami University. Overall, OU was nationally ranked 16th in the “Per Capita Classic” category.

During the GameDay Challenge against Miami University, Ohio University won with an 85.3 percent recovery rate. Ohio University’s Sustainability and Climate Action Plan has set the goal of recovering through recycling, compost, reuse and donation 80 percent of the waste generated on campus.

Thanks to the Bobcat community, OU recycled, donated and composted over 250 pounds of waste.

“It was a lot of fun and such a great experience working with everyone to reach our goal of diverting as much waste as possible,” said Gabby Gosciewski, a staff member at OHIO Recycling and Zero Waste.

“I had an awesome time sorting materials from this year’s GameDay Challenge. Campus recycling sorted out any items that could be composted, recycled or donated. It’s cool to see how much can be diverted from the landfill.” said Mitch Suder, a staff member at OHIO Recycling and Zero Waste.

For more information of Campus Race to Zero Waste (formally RecycleMania), please visit www.recyclemania.org.

For more information regarding OHIO University’s participation, please email Andrew Ladd at laddd@ohio.edu.