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Ohio University takes on the Campus Race to Zero Waste challenge

OHIO Campus Recycling will participate in the nationwide Campus Race to Zero Waste challenge.

From Jan. 30 to March 26, Ohio University will promote waste reduction on campus and will report weekly the amount of recycling and refuse that is collected and in turn ranked in various categories.

National recognition will be provided to the winning university in each category on the Campus Race to Zero Waste website and in a national press release. Winning schools receive an award made from recyclable materials and win the right to host that category’s special traveling trophy for the coming year.

Over an eight-week period, colleges across the nation report the amount of recycling and are then ranked in various categories based on who recycles the most on a per capita basis, as well as the best recycling rate and the least amount of combined trash and recycling. With each week’s updated ranking, participating schools follow their performance against other colleges and use the results to rally their campus to reduce and recycle more.

“Ohio University's recycling efforts are leading the MAC in every major category. We are currently ranked in the top 15 in the nation. OHIO has seen greatest success in the Gorilla Prize category, which measures total weights of all target materials recycled on campus,” OHIO Recycling and Refuse Manager Andrew Ladd said.

OHIO Campus Recycling has set a goal of recycling 80% of the waste generated at Ohio University. The OHIO Recycling staff are responsible for maintaining, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading the recycling and solid waste at all campus buildings and grounds areas. For additional information, please visit https://www.ohio.edu/recycle.

If you would like more information about this topic, please email Ladd at laddd@ohio.edu. For result updates on the Campus Race to Zero Waste challenge, visit Campus Recycling’s Instagram page @ohiocampusrecycling.