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E-Waste Guide

The Importance of Recycling Electronics:

Electronic waste is a harmful component to both the environment and our health. It is of vital importance that people recycle their electronics, for it creates toxic waste and hazardous materials. Burning something like computers would lead to cancer-inducing chemicals into the atmosphere and affect our local resources.

For bigger tasks, please fill out a work order form which is available to all on-campus departments or learn more about our services.

E-Waste Cabinets:

Around campus, you will find green cabinets called "E-Waste Cabinets". 

  • toner cartridges and inkjets
  • batteries
  • light bulbs
  • cellphones and small electronics
  • CDs, VHS, Cassettes, etc
Building Room Location
Alden Second floor by help desk
Jefferson 1st floor by residential stairwell
Glidden 1st floor lobby
Ellis Hall 1st floor lobby to the left
Lindley 1st floor lobby; by 300A
Baker Student Center 4th floor by ATM & 1st floor by pool tables Bobcat Depot accepts large e-waste items such as printers and laptops, and other sorts of electronics
Chubb Hall Across from bursar
Schoonover By main doors, to the left
Boyd Hall coming soon
LLC coming soon
Nelson coming soon
Ping coming soon
Shively Dining hall entrance
Ridges 19 down main hall, leftside
Building 19 Down main hallway, leftside
Morton Hall First floor by elevator
RTV First floor by foyer stairs
WOSUC First Floor Lobby
West Union Street Office Center First floor lobby
ARC First floor vending area
Clippinger Laboratories Front Foyer under stairs
Stocker Center Ground floor by 012
Porter Hall Ground floor by elevator
Gordy Hall Ground floor lobby
Copeland Hall Groundlevel
Bentley Annex LL by elevator
31 South Court Main floor lobby
Irvine Main lobby by RR
OU Airport Maintenance Hanger
Grover & Wellworks Center N Entrance by Porter
Edwards Accel. pager by rm 104
Grosvenor Rm 040, 138
Ridges 21 Rm 205
McCracken RM 238
Biochem Room 112
Building 22 Room 114, break Rm
Building 21 Room 205
R - Tech 109A

In addition to e-waste locations, there are also multiple battery bucket locations located around campus:

Biochemistry (112) Clippinger Laboratories (158) Corrosion Center (in shop) Edwards Accelerator (113) Grosvenor Hall (40, 138) Grover Center (E124) HTC 35 Park Place (RM 213) WUSOC (213) Innovation (Main lobby) Irvine Hall (227) Morton Hall (420) RTV (539A, 681) Scott Quad (148) Seigfred Hall (528A) McKee (common area) Building 22 (114) Building 27 (front desk)

Accurate IT: E-Waste Free Mission

computer recycling box

Did you know that not recycling electronics is very detrimental to our environment and our well being? Here at Campus Recycling, we work with Accurate IT, a company that focuses on electronic recycling, refurbishment and resale, to further accomplish a zero-waste environment. Accurate IT is a Columbus based company that works with universities to collect unused/unwanted technology. They donate the electronics to other businesses and schools who are in need, they also are able to salvage some of the materials donated to use for resale and the other electronics that are not able to be resold or donated are recycled properly. Last year, Ohio University's Campus Recycling donated over 18 tons of recycled electronics to Accurate IT.

Accurate IT is a great organization who is always in need of unwanted/unused electronics, such as TVs, radios, computers, laptops, etc. If you, or anyone you may know, is interested in participating in the donation of electronics, feel free to drop by Campus Recycling at Building 34 on Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Click here to learn more about Accurate IT.