a hand holding a green compost bin
Cats' Compost
OHIO's compost program for Res Hall residents. Opt in today and help reduce waste on campus!

Cats' Compost

Composting at Ohio University 

Ohio University is a recognized national leader in waste reduction and has composted dining hall and catering food waste since 2011.  By opting in to receive a Cats' Compost mini-bin, you will take the next step in your zero waste journey and demonstrate that individual access to composting can have a major impact on reducing the amount of material that just gets thrown away. Certain responsibilities come with your bin. Only toss in food waste and napkins, and be sure to empty your bin regularly to maintain its cleanliness.   

Composting is the natural process of recycling organic material into new soil and nutrient rich fertilizers. The end product from your mini compost bin will be used on the sports fields, landscaping and green spaces across campus. 


Feed the soil, not the landfill

Follow our guide to prevent contamination in your compost!

  • Compost

    Fruits & Vegetables

    Meat & Bones

    Non-Liquid Dairy 

    Bread & Grains

    Tea Bags & Coffee Grounds

    Napkins & Paper Towels 

  • Do Not Compost

    Packaging, Wrap, Foil

    Compostable Cups & Plates


    Glass, Metal, Plastic


    Animal Waste

Compost Drop Off Locations

We share the large green bins located at the back docks of the Dining Halls & Markets. Be careful of large vehicles & other operations that use these docks.

Reduce Mess Wrap food waste in used napkins before placing in your bin. Use the compostable liners provided.
Reduce Odor Consider keeping your compost bin in the fridge to slow decomposition of food waste.
Empty Weekly If fruit flies become an issue, empty clean thoroughly. Stop collecting compost until pests have disappeared.