42.100: Campus Signs




April 18, 2008

Initiated by:

Joseph Fabiny | Director of Standards and Support Services

Endorsed by:

Kathy Krendl | Executive Vice President and Provost

Approved by:

Roderick J. McDavis | President

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  1. Purpose

    This policy provides procedures to ensure consistent application of interior and exterior sign standards; to provide convenience for faculty, staff, students, and visitors; to ensure compliance with laws, (e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act); and to maintain the historic beauty of the campus.

  2. Plan

    No changes, abbreviations, additions or deletions to campus interior or exterior signage are permitted without approval as defined in procedures below. The Vice President for Finance and Administration will convene and maintain a University Sign Committee, chaired by the Associate Vice President for Facilities, to review and administer this policy. The Sign Committee has exclusive rights to approve any exceptions to the policy.

  3. Policies and Procedures

    All requests for interior, exterior, and temporary (e.g., scheduled event) signs will be directed to the Campus Signage Department of University Planning and Implementation ("UPI") to provide guidance on design and composition and also to ensure University standards are followed. Campus Signage is responsible for routine administration of the University's sign system using the:

    1. Ohio University Exterior Sign System Manual (July, 1988)

    2. Ohio University Interior Signage Standards Manual (June, 1998).

    Variances will be presented to the University Sign Committee.

    All banners attached to buildings or fixtures must be submitted to UPI's Planning department for approval.

    UPI is responsible for identifying inappropriate signs and banners, and for working with the department to correct them.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. President

  2. Executive Vice President and Provost

  3. Executive Staff

  4. Vice President for Finance and Administration

  5. University Sign Committee

  6. Policy and Procedure Review Committee