25.030: Housing Residency Requirement




October 26, 2018

Initiated by:

Peter Trentacoste | Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life

Endorsed by:

Jason Pina | Vice President for Student Affairs

Approved by:

M. Duane Nellis | President

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  1. Overview

    The Ohio university department of housing and residence life provides Athens campus students with a safe and comfortable place to live and thrive in a vibrant educational community. Ohio university requires all first- and second-year students who have fewer than six quarters or four semesters comprised of fall and spring attending any institution of higher education after high school graduation (or an equivalent combination, such as three quarters and two semesters) to reside in university-sanctioned housing. The purpose of this policy is to define the cohort of students who are required to reside on campus and those students who are eligible to reside off campus.

  2. On-campus residency requirement

    For the purposes of this policy, a first-year student is defined as a new incoming student who has not attended an institution of higher education after high school graduation. A second-year student is defined as a student who can demonstrate three quarters or two semesters comprised of fall and spring (or an equivalent combination, such as two quarters and one semester) attending an institution after high school graduation. Second-year students include returning current students, transfer students, and students relocating from a regional campus to the Athens campus; all are required to reside on campus unless they meet one or more of the criteria specified in part (C) of this policy.

    In the event that the defined student’s permanent address is outside of the approved commuting distance, the student is required to reside on campus and complete a housing application.

  3. Off-campus eligibility

    1. Commuter students

      For purpose of this policy, a commuter student is defined as a first- or second-year student who is requesting an exemption from the residency requirement to reside with a parent or legal guardian at a permanent residence within the approved maximum commuting distance.

      Students who are eligible to obtain commuter status by residing with a parent or legal guardian at a permanent residence must submit an online commuter application, as appropriate, for review and approval.

      The changes in requirements and specific details for commuter eligibility, including the approved maximum distance, will be decided and published by April fifteenth, to take effect the following academic year.

    2. Approved exempted students

      Any student wishing to be exempted from university housing or meal plan and who is not considered a commuter student must meet at least one of the criteria below and submit a "Housing Exemption / Termination Request Form" for review and approval. Information regarding the exemption process can be found by visiting the housing and residence life website.

      Those seeking an exemption must meet one or more of the following criteria, subject to validation:

      1. Student is enrolled part-time (according to the undergraduate catalog for the academic year in question).

      2. Student participates in a fraternity or sorority (Greek housing). Subject to verification and approval from the campus involvement center, typically at the end of spring semester. The exemption is for approval for second-year students to reside in a recognized fraternity or sorority house and is revocable (e.g., not meeting fire code, community standards violation, GPA requirement, etc). Revocation may be immediate or delayed, as determined by the university.

      3. Student is a veteran of eighteen months or more of active duty. Submit a copy of DD-214 discharge papers.

      4. Student is married, a parent, or in a domestic partnership that meets the criteria specified in policy 40.013. Submit a copy of marriage license, child’s birth certificate, or "Affidavit of Domestic Partnership."

      5. Student is enrolled for summer session to substitute for a previous fall or semester term not attended. The student must submit an exemption request for the subsequent fall and provide proof of completion for summer.

      6. Student is twenty-three years of age or older prior to first term enrolled.

      7. Student or university can demonstrate other acceptable extenuating circumstances as approved by the exemption review committee. 


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Vice President for Student Affairs

  2. Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life

  3. Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management

  4. Director of Undergraduate Admissions

  5. Director of International Student and Scholar Services

  6. Student Senate