20.102: Admission and Reclassification Procedure to Implement the Ohio Board of Regents Rule 1-10 -- Residency Determination




July 1, 1987

Approved by:

Issued by J. Reese

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  1. Purpose

    To establish a procedure to assist in making admission and reclassification residency determinations

  2. Procedure

    All admission and reclassification residency decisions regarding undergraduate and students will be made by the Admissions Office, and all admission and reclassification decisions regarding graduate students will be made by the Graduate College. Their decisions will be based upon the information submitted to each which will include the Application for Residency Reclassification, which must be notarized by the student applicant, and if required, any other documentation the University requests.

    The Admissions Office and Graduate College will make the initial determination of residency classifications with the advice of the Office of Legal Affairs. A record will be kept of each residency determination and the grounds for granting or denying the application indicated. A copy will be provided for the student applicant upon request, and a copy will be kept for review by the Board of Regents.

    If a student who is denied reclassification wishes to have the initial decision reviewed, he may petition the Vice President for Administration by submitting a petition for Review of Residency Reclassification Denial form. The Vice President for Administration shall review the written petition and may grant an interview; for the petitioning student, if reasonable cause is shown that there was a factual misinterpretation or substantial interpretative question involved. The Vice President will have the final determination whether to uphold the initial decision, grant the petition for reclassification, or refer the reclassification for further review. After the Vice President's decision, a copy of the determination will be given to the student and one kept for the Regents' file.