20.100: Fee Assessments and Adjustments for Multi-Campus Registration




May 7, 2012

Initiated by:

Sherry Downs | Bursar

Endorsed by:

Pam Benoit | Executive Vice President and Provost

Approved by:

Roderick J. McDavis | President

Signatures and dates on archival copy
  1. Overview

    This policy outlines the process by which Ohio University assesses tuition and fees to students registered at the Athens campus and at one or more regional campuses or at multiple regional campuses. The intent of this policy is to standardize fee assessments so that no differences in fees result from the student's choice of campus.

  2. Policy

    Ohio University assesses fees at the rate in effect at each campus where registration takes place, up to but not to exceed the Athens campus comprehensive rates for full-time students. Overload hours (over 20 for undergraduate students and over 18 for graduate students) are to be assessed at the Athens campus extra-hour rates or at the highest regional campus extra-hour rate should the enrollment not include Athens campus hours.

  3. Practice

    Tuition and fees cannot exceed the Athens campus comprehensive rate if enrollment includes Athens and regional campus registration. If enrollment includes more than one regional campus registration, but no Athens campus registration, tuition and fees cannot exceed the comprehensive rate at the regional campus with the highest tuition and fee structure.

    Multi-campus comprehensive tuition and fees will be prorated for each campus included in the calculation.

  4. Examples

    Following are examples of tuition assessments and calculations illustrating this policy (these examples are based on the 2011-12 tuition rates).

    1. Assume an undergraduate student registers for 4 hours on the Athens campus and 7 hours on the Chillicothe campus (Lower Division):

                        Athens:        4 hours x $312.00        =        $1,248.00
                   Chillicothe:        7 hours x $141.00        =        $  987.00
                                            TOTAL TUITION                     $2,235.00


      Total tuition is less than the Athens campus comprehensive rate of $3,290; therefore, no adjustment or proration is necessary.

    2. Assume an undergraduate student registers for 10 hours on the Lancaster campus (Lower Division) and 12 hours on the Athens campus.

                    Lancaster:        10 hours x $141.00        =        $1,410.00
                        Athens:        10 hours x $312.00        =        $3,120.00
                   Extra Hour:         2 hours x $154.00        =        $  308.00
                                            TOTAL TUITION                      $4,838.00


      Assess lower tuition of Athens campus comprehensive rate plus overload:

                              Athens campus comprehensive rate  =        $3,290.00
                                        2 extra hours x $154.00           =        $  308.00
                                                  TOTAL TUITION                      $3,598.00


      Prorate tuition for each campus:

                     Lancaster:      ($1,410/$4,530) x $3,290      =     $1,024.00
                          Athens:      ($3,120/$4,530) x $3,290      =     $2,266.00
          Athens Overload Hrs:              2 hours x $  154      =     $  308.00
                                                 TOTAL TUITION                      $3,598.00

    3. Assume an undergraduate student registers for 4 hours on the Eastern campus and 9 hours on the Zanesville campus (Lower Division).

                      Eastern:               4 hours x $136.00       =    $  544.00
                   Zanesville:              10 hours x $141.00     =    $1,410.00
                                             TOTAL TUITION                     $1,954.00


      Assess lower tuition of Zanesville comprehensive rate of $1,527.00


      Prorate fees for each campus:

                      Eastern:          $  544/$1,954 x $1,527       =    $  425.00
                   Zanesville:          $1,410/$1,954 x $1,527     =    $1,102.00
                                               TOTAL TUITION                     $1,527.00


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Vice President for Finance and Administration

  2. University Registrar