University FlexSpace at The Ridges to transition to Building 19 beginning July 15

April 8, 2024 The Flexspace currently located at The Ridges Buildings 13, 14 and 18 is anticipated to go offline beginning June 1 and transition to studio spaces for the College of Fine Arts as a part of its ongoing facilities renewal strategy.

OHIO Board of Trustees approve Housing Master Plan Phase II construction; hear revitalized mission and vision statement

April 5, 2024 The Board of Trustees approved new construction for OHIO’s Housing Master Plan Phase II and learned about the experiential learning opportunities offered by Student Spaceflight Experiments Program.

Ohio University’s Housing Master Plan to further elevate students’ residential experiences

April 5, 2024 The Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a resolution for the next phase of the Housing Master Plan – a phase that paves the way for the construction of a new 591-residence hall.

Breaking down everything you need to know about the April 8 Solar Eclipse

April 4, 2024 Cue the Bonnie Tyler hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” as it’s almost time for parts of the U.S. to experience its own total solar eclipse on April 8.

The Marching 110 brings music to children’s ears during CDC visit

April 4, 2024 On March 29, the Marching 110 visited the Child Development Center for a music education session. The band performed iconic songs before splitting off and interacting with the children.

First DESI results provide precise measurements of our universe’s rate of expansion, shedding light on the nature of dark energy

April 4, 2024 An international team co-led by Ohio University Physics Professor Hee-Jong Seo traces ripples from relic cosmic sound over 11 billion years of cosmic history with unprecedented precision.

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine adds mini mobile unit to health clinic fleet

April 4, 2024 The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine has added a new mobile unit to its fleet to be used by the Heritage Community Clinic to provide free medical services in Southeast Ohio.

OHIO faculty continue to make headlines around the world offering expertise and research, honored as OHIO newsmakers

April 3, 2024 In the calendar year 2022, 174 faculty members from every college and regional campus were featured in 2,044 media reports from all over the world.

Experience upcoming solar eclipse at Ohio University Zanesville with expert guidance

April 3, 2024 Ohio University Zanesville is thrilled to invite the community to a special viewing of the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024, from 1:45 to 3:30 p.m.

OHIO Zanesville social work graduates come back to campus

April 2, 2024 OHIO Zanesville welcomes back social work graduates to campus. Check out our campus spotlights of area social workers making an impact in our community.

OHIO welcomes a new cohort of Margaret Boyd Scholars; expands scholarship opportunities

April 1, 2024 In 1873, Margaret Boyd paved the way for OHIO students by becoming the first woman to earn a degree from Ohio University. Today, we honor her legacy through the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program.

McClure Day brings alumni back to campus to share their industry knowledge with students

April 1, 2024 Students in the McClure School got the chance to learn about possible career paths and the state of the technology industry from those who came before them during McClure School Day 2024. 

OHIO faculty win Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence awards

March 29, 2024 This semester, three OHIO faculty members have received Individual Excellence Awards from the Ohio Arts Council.

Ohio University and the City of Dublin continue partnership to bring health-centered conversations to community

March 28, 2024 Ohio University and the City of Dublin are continuing their partnership with the next program of the OHIO Dublin Speaker Series. The speaker series brings awareness to relevant health-related topics.

OHIO Board of Trustees to consider Housing Master Plan Phase II construction; learn more about impact of Student Spaceflight Experiments Program during April meetings

March 28, 2024 The Board of Trustees will consider approval for new construction for OHIO’s Housing Master Plan Phase II and learn more about the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program offered to OHIO students.