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The Judy Davis Nursing Scholarship: A beacon of hope, support for aspiring nurses at Ohio University Zanesville

In a significant stride towards supporting the aspirations of future healthcare professionals, the Judy Davis Nursing Scholarship emerges as a shining example of commitment and generosity within the Ohio University Zanesville community. Spearheaded by Judy Davis, a distinguished senior faculty member, this scholarship not only highlights the program's excellence but also the crucial role its graduates play in the local healthcare landscape.

The inception of the Judy Davis Nursing Scholarship is a testament to the dedication of those at the helm of nurturing the next generation of nursing professionals. Awarded to four deserving students, this initiative is based on passionate essays that echo the candidates' dedication to the nursing field. It represents a broader community's effort to support the educational and professional aspirations of those poised to make a significant impact on healthcare.

The scholarship's announcement was marked by a campus reception that not only celebrated the initiative but also reinforced the importance of quality nursing education. This sentiment is strongly supported by the faculty and development directors at Ohio University Zanesville, who echo the program's pivotal role in preparing competent and compassionate healthcare providers.

Davis, reflecting on her motivation behind the scholarship, shared, "As a senior member of the nursing faculty at Ohio University Zanesville, I firmly believe in the value of our program to produce quality professional nurses. Considering that 70 percent of the nurses at Genesis Hospital are OU graduates, many of whom have cared for my family, it is a real pleasure for me to provide four scholarships each year to aspiring students most likely to succeed."

The inaugural recipients of the Judy Davis Nursing Scholarship are Reagan Anderson, Kathrin Dunlap, Kylie Kennedy and Brooklyn Stanley. These current nursing students were chosen based on their passionate essays and their enrollment in the nursing program, demonstrating their commitment to pursuing a career in nursing.

Dr. Hannah Nissen, commenting on Davis and her contributions, stated, "Judy has been a valued member of the Nursing team on the Zanesville campus for many years. She is fully committed to the nursing profession and the education of future generations of nursing professionals. The scholarship she has established supports the educational needs of those interested in a nursing career, most of whom will be providing for the healthcare needs of those in this region. Our community benefits greatly from Judy’s generosity."

Jay Lockard, the associate director of development, also expressed his appreciation, saying, "I am truly appreciative of the positive impact individuals like Judy want to make in our communities. Her scholarship has established more possibilities for local students to pursue a degree in nursing here at Ohio University Zanesville. Judy has had such a tremendous impact on nursing education in our region, and it is wonderful to see that her legacy will continue in support of our students and the profession she loves."

This scholarship not only provides financial assistance but also serves as a source of inspiration for students, encouraging them to pursue their dreams in the nursing field. It lays a foundation of support and excellence in nursing education, ensuring that the community and healthcare systems continue to benefit from dedicated and well-prepared professionals.

Students interested in applying for the Judy Davis Nursing Scholarship should contact Vicki DeLucas in the financial aid office or stop by the Nursing Office at Ohio University Zanesville.  For more information about the nursing program or to set up a campus visit to enroll, please visit

April 9, 2024
Heather Sands Davis