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OHIO addresses mental health services for online and regional students

Ohio University, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to online and regional campus students, is expanding its support services through a partnership with TimelyCare, providing a comprehensive suite of free mental health services that is available now.

This initiative marks a significant expansion of existing support systems, and directly addresses the unique challenges faced by students pursuing their education remotely and on regional campuses.

Approximately 20 percent of Ohio University's students enroll primarily in online courses, while an additional 13 percent attend regional campuses. These students lack convenient access to mental well-being resources, facing increased barriers in addressing their mental health needs. TimelyCare aims to bridge this gap by providing a readily available and confidential solution.

"The growing demand for accessible mental health services for our students is undeniable. Balancing various life and academic responsibilities can be overwhelming, and OHIO University partnership with TimelyCare empowers students with crucial support during challenging times, helping them maintain their mental well-being and academic success," said Paul Castelino, Director Counseling and Psychological Services. 

The program offers a range of valuable features, including six free video counseling sessions with licensed clinicians across all 50 states, ensuring convenient access regardless of location. Additionally, students can utilize the unlimited "Talk Now" service for immediate support during moments of crisis. And, licensed health coaches provide 24/7 guidance on maintaining physical and mental well-being, fostering a comprehensive approach to student health. 

Prior to TimelyCare, online and regional students encountered inconsistencies in mental health service availability. This initiative directly addresses this issue by providing a standardized and readily accessible solution, eliminating geographical and cost barriers. TimelyCare's implementation reflects Ohio University's unwavering commitment to both student well-being and inclusivity.

"We are confident that providing easy access to mental health services through TimelyCare will significantly benefit our students' overall well-being, academic progress, and overall university experience,” said Castelino. “By proactively addressing the specific needs of our online and regional population, we are ensuring that all Bobcats, regardless of location, have the opportunity to thrive in their academic journeys."

This launch signifies a crucial step forward in Ohio University's commitment to building an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students. By actively addressing the unique needs of its online and regional population, the University demonstrates its dedication to student well-being and academic success, ensuring that every Ohio University student can excel, both academically and personally.

Students can learn more about TimelyCare and register for services at 

March 11, 2024
Staff reports