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Social Media Certificate Student Spotlight: Nikki Doolittle

Nikki Doolittle, originally from Columbus, Ohio, is a junior with a media and social change major, a sociology minor and a social media certificate. She explains how the social media certificate has given her hands-on experience that has prepped her for life after college. 

What made you decide to get a social media certificate? 
I want to work in social media after college, so getting hands-on experience is so important because the industry is always changing. Social media has become an extremely important medium for all other facets of the media industry to gain exposure and connections from, so understanding it in that way is crucial, which has made me better able to help create those connections and exposure for anyone I’m working with.

Is there anything you are working on currently? 
I co-host a podcast at The Post called Weekly Roundup, where we go over top stories from that week’s issue of The Post. The Weekly Roundup comes out every Thursday and you can listen to it at!

What are your professional goals? 
I want to work in social media and create content, ideally for a non-profit or an organization that is helping others in some way, because that is something that is extremely important to me. 

How do you think the social media certificate will help you? 
I’ve learned so much from the classes part of the certificate program, especially the Storytelling lab. They have taught me about how social media can be used for good and to create a positive impact in a space that can sometimes be seen in a negative light. Also, getting to learn the software's that are used by many companies, and understanding best practice in terms of planning and organizing content has been invaluable. 

What social media channels do you run, if any?
I have helped to run the School of Media Arts and Studies social media for the past two semesters, and it has been so much fun!

May 3, 2023
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