OHIO alumni can welcome new Bobcats through the Postcard Project

Published: February 9, 2023 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University graduates can bring the OHIO experience to and connect with admitted first-year Bobcats—those who have confirmed their intention to enroll, and those still weighing their options.

Undergraduate Admissions, in partnership with the Ohio University Alumni Association, is recruiting OHIO alumni to participate in the annual Postcard Project.

Through the Postcard Project, alumni will be provided postcards with pre-paid postage and contact information for five to 10 first-year students. Alumni may write these admitted students notes congratulating them on their OHIO admission, welcoming them to the Bobcat community, and sharing with them a little bit about their college experience.

Sallie Ellis Stephens, BSJ ’84, MSPE ’90, remembers the postcard her son, Wyatt Stephens, received from an OHIO alumnus after he was admitted to the University. Four years ago, a Facebook post by a fellow Bobcat and friend who participated in the Postcard Project inspired her to join the effort as well.

“I enjoy being an encourager, and I know that it can mean a lot to hear from someone who has traveled the same journey,” said Stephens, who works for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as the manager of healthcare provider engagement for the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

“I have a deep love for Ohio University, and I think it’s important to let incoming first-year students know that the University experience can extend beyond the years they spend on campus,” Stephens added. “I like sharing that I still love OHIO even after all these years and that they, too, can find a ‘home away from home’ in Athens and at OU. ... The Postcard Project is a great way to give back to the University, to feel a part of the Bobcat community and to share the OU love.” 

The Postcard Project is open to all degree-holding Ohio University graduates. To sign up for the 2023 Postcard Project today, please visit https://admissions.ohio.edu/register/vaanpostcard2023.

For additional information about the Volunteer Alumni Admission Network (VAAN) programs and ways to volunteer, please visit: https://www.ohio.edu/admissions/vaan. And, to stay up to date on alumni volunteer activities and to participate through the Ohio University Alumni Association, please visit The Bobcat Network: https://bobcatnetwork.ohio.edu/.