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Student Learning Assessment and Outcomes

Ohio University began assessing its students in 1981, when the multidimensional Institutional Impact Project began. Since then, assessment of teaching and learning has been done in a variety of ways and through multiple measures. All academic departments and schools have assessed their students, and the Office of Institutional research does ongoing University-wide assessments. Recently, in 2007, Ohio University created its Student Success Plan, in which each academic program identified learning objectives for Ohio University students. Detailed general education learning objectives were identified. Assessments are under way to identify the extent to which students are meeting those learning objectives in academic disciplines and in general education.

At Ohio University assessment is a collection of activities designed to help students succeed. Student assessment is about documenting student success. “Ohio University holds as its central purpose the intellectual and personal development of its students” (Ohio University Mission Statement). Assessment is a tool to help faculty and staff enable Ohio University to achieve this mission through helping our students succeed.

The Office of Institutional Research carries out ongoing student success studies in which the results are available for each academic unit:

  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
  • Student Involvement Study
  • Career and Further Education Study
  • Career and Further Education Department-Specific Surveys (N = 53)
  • Survey of Alumni
  • Survey of Alumni College-Specific Surveys
  • Program-specific and ad hoc assessments

The following academic units have structured assessment activities and processes:

  • College of Education and affiliated secondary education departments
  • Russ College of Engineering and Technology, all departments/schools
  • College of Business, all departments/schools
  • College of Health and Human Services, selected accredited schools
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of English and Writing across the Curriculum

    In addition, Student Affairs has an active assessment committee to coordinate its departments’ efforts to help meet student learning objectives. All academic support units are beginning a formal program review process. The purpose of this process is to assess program effectiveness which will lead to continuous improvement, enabling each unit to contribute to the University’s mission of helping students succeed.


    Click here for more examples of student learning assessment and outcomes at Ohio University.




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