About Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics

(Formerly Institutional Research & Effectiveness)


To create a University-wide culture of institutional effectiveness.


Leveraging strategic data assets to provide timely, accurate, and actionable information to support decision-making and continuous improvement and effectiveness at all levels of the University. 


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About this Office:

IEA reports to the Office of the Provost. IEA is the University office most identified with collecting, analyzing, and reporting institutional data pertaining to students, faculty and staff, academic programs, and physical space. IEA prepares institutional studies in such areas as academic assessment, student enrollment, retention and graduation, faculty salary and staffing, and comparative studies using peer institutions. As an authoritative source of accurate and reliable data about the University, IEA has primary responsibility for representing Ohio University to the Ohio Board of Regents in the following data areas: student enrollment (for calculation and distribution of state subsidy revenues), staffing, physical space, and academic programs.

The Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics office conducts studies and gathers information for specific ad hoc questions. The staff have ready access to campus-wide student and employee data systems, and they maintain historical data for quick recall and turnaround. Ad hoc information is prepared for institutional questionnaires, specialized accreditation reviews, and decision support.

Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics collects data from comparative state and national sources, such as American College Testing, the American Council on Education, the Ohio Board of Regents Higher Education Information (HEI), and the National Center for Education Statistics. Comparative institutional information is obtained through participation in national and regional cost studies, American Association of University Professors and College and University Personnel Association salary studies, and retention and graduation rate studies.

The Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics office has a versatile staff, trained in computer programming, statistical analysis, survey design, data management, and information presentation. They are capable of providing the university with regular management and planning information and ad hoc information.


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