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OHIO Honors Program Info for Bobcat Student Orientation

Welcome to the OHIO Honors Program! As you prepare for Bobcat Student Orientation and enrollment in your fall-semester classes, please take some time to watch this video overview of the OHIO Honors Program. It provides general information about program requirements, benefits, and opportunities as well as specific information about the first-year OHP experience. If you have any questions about the program or how OHP fits into your Bobcat Student Orientation program, please contact one of the following representatives of the program:

Christy Zempter
Director of the OHIO Honors Program

Molly Cronin
OHP advisor

Amanda Remnant
OHP advisor


You can find a static version of the slideshow here.

Registering for fall classes

Most students in the OHIO Honors Program will enroll in HC 2400: Introduction to OHIO Honors. There are many sections available, and you can choose the one that works best with your class schedule. However, students in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology and some of our designated programs are required to enroll in other first-semester courses in addition to or in place of HC 2400. See below for course enrollment information for those programs:

All Russ College majors*   

HC 2400 AND Honors section of UC 1900

Copeland Scholars    

HC 2400 AND Honors section of UC 1900

Templeton/Rankin/Urban/Appalachian Scholars*   

HC 2400 AND INST 2900

Cutler Scholars     

HC 4500 (Section 101)

Connavino Honors    

PCOE 4900H AND EDHP 3530

Scripps Innovation Scholars    

COMM 2400


* Please note that changes in OHP curriculum for Russ College students and Templeton/Rankin/Urban/
Appalachian Scholars have been made since the video displayed above was produced. Engineering and technology majors should enroll in HC 2400 and a section of UC 1900 designated for OHP students in the Russ College. Your advisor can help you find the appropriate section of UC 1900. Templeton/Rankin/Urban/
Appalachian Scholars should enroll in HC 2400 and INST 2900.



Request Info

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