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The Quilter's Eye

Trett Norris

#10 - Row Houses- Flannel is warmer and I liked the feel of it. It is harder to use this material and it takes more time to make the quilt using it. The pattern reminds me of the houses I have lived in and seen while growing up. My family was poor when I was growing up and we bought flannel a lot to stay warm in the winter. The flannel and the quilt reminded me of my childhood. It is machine quilted.

#30 - Lone Star- This quilt was challenging to make. It took me three times to make this quilt, due to mistakes with pattern and stitching. All together, it took me an entire winter to make. It is machine quilted.

#8 - Underground Railroad- I made this quilt because of my fascination with the Underground Railroad. I made it in October 2001. The story of the Underground Railroad has many hidden codes and goes like this. The monkey wrench turns the wagon wheel toward Canada. With help from Jesus, the carpenter, follow the bears' trail through the woods. Fill your baskets with enough food and supplies to get you to the crossroad. Once you get to the crossroads, dig a log cabin in the ground. Shoofly told us to dress up in cotton and satin bow ties. Follow the flying geese and birds in the air. Stay on the drunkards' path. Take the sailboat across the great lakes to the North Star above Canada.

                 10 Trett Norris- Row Houses_                  30 Trett Norris- Lone Star_                  8 Trett Norris - Underground Railroad_

                       #10                                  #30                                   #8

Kaye Harris

#25 - Log Cabin- I first saw this pattern at the Jackson Apple festival and I liked the pattern. When I asked if I could buy the pattern, the stand owners gave it to me. I bought the material from a local craft shop. My sister in law and myself cut the pattern. We started in the 1980's. I got it finished in 1997 with help from the Cutler Ladies.  It is hand quilted.

                                                           25 Kaye Harris- Log Cabin_


Susie Harris

#19 - High Star- I believe that every home should have a high star. It is a classic pattern and it is machine pieced and quilted.

#4 - Oriental Star- I wanted to make a quilt that had a lot of black in its color. Also, I liked the many windows in it and the oriental print (material).  It is machine stitched and quilted.

                   19 Susie Harris- High Star_                          4 Susie Harris_

                                #19                                                         #4

Irene Flowers

#26 - Bethlehem Star- This quilt was hand stitched. It has a deep religious meaning to me. I was putting it together while taking care of my son, who had polio. It took me many years to make, due to the time involved with the care of my son. The quilt is put together by knotting. This was a technique used by older generations. The quilt is also hand sewn.

                    26 Irene Flowers- Bethlehem Star_                          23 Irene Flowers- Apple Core_


Linda Heeter

#14 - 9 Patch-The reason I did this quilt was because I thought it would make things easier to understand in life and to cheer up someone's day.  This is a relaxing quilt to use when someone is feeling blue.

#16 - Mule (Bessie) Blanket- My grandmother had made this quilt. She was part Indian. But this blanket had been placed on grandpa's mule, Bessie. It was just put on Bessie to make her look cute. I was nine years old when this quilt was made.

#27 - Mix Match- This quilt was made from my grandmother's dresses and skirts. She had it made for the family. It has been in the family for several years. My grandmother had given it to my mother and after she died, my father gave it to me.

      14 Linda Heeter - 9 Patch_               16 Linda Heeter - Mule Blanket_              27 Linda Heeter- Mix Match_

                 #14                                            #16                                         #27


Included in this month's gallery will be pieces created by Tanya Thompson, Deborah McDavis, Ada Adams, Rosemary Butcher, Dessie Workman, and Charles Rogers.

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