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Ohio University Mail Services to consolidate mail pickup, delivery

New service begins Monday, December 19

New mailing routes are coming this month! Ohio University Mail Services is all about increased efficiencies and savings, without compromising on service. When a recent innovation and planning project data collection and analysis identified areas where efficiencies could be increased and delivery routes maximized, the department was anxious to get started.

Beginning Monday, December 19, Ohio University Mail Services is consolidating afternoon pickup/delivery into the 9 a.m. to noon morning routes. OHIO’s departments should plan accordingly to accommodate for this mail delivery and pick up adjustment.

According to the analysis results, consolidating pickup/delivery routes would yield an annual decrease of 1,960 hours of time and 14,945 miles – this distance is about the same as driving 6.5 times from Athens, OH to Los Angeles, CA. Additionally, based on current yearly usage, 1,358.64 gallons of gas would be saved, which, when calculated at $2.10 per gallon, equals a savings of $2,853.14.

“The department is continually exploring ways to enhance and maximize efficiencies in providing the best mail services possible,” said Ohio University Mail Services manager Adam Bower. Mail Services engaged with a new team in the Russ College’s Department of Engineering Technology and Management group on this project, who has created an organization in OHIO called SmartWORKS. This organization offers skilled consulting services and strategic approaches to setting priorities, identifying and removing processes and system redundancies, acquiring and allocating resources. “We are very excited to implement the findings of this project,” added Bower. “We appreciate those who have worked so diligently on it, as well as everyone’s cooperation as Mail Services aims to keep providing the highest quality in the most efficient manner.”

Shipping Services and Discounts

In addition to the consolidation of delivery routes to university departments, Mail Services offers many convenient, cost and time saving programs. Need to send a package to family or friends? Simply bring your packages to Mail Services office located at The Ridges Building #8, 1 Ohio University in Athens, OH. Customers can take advantage of OHIO’s government shipping discounts rates using FedEx, United Parcel Service of America (UPS), DHL and United States Postal Service. Placing an online order but prefer not to have it shipped to your home? Mail Services will be happy to sign for your order and notify you that they are securely holding your delivered order until you are able to pick it up.

Mail Services will take care of billing for shipping fees and accepts cash, check or credit card. For inquiries, or more information on Mail Services, visit the department’s site or contact Adam Bower at 740-593-1850 or bowera@ohio.edu.

If you are interested in more information about the types of consulting services SmartWORKS offers, please contact Todd Myers, Ohio University Professor and Department Chair, Engineering Technology and Management, at myerst2@ohio.edu.