Yamada House dedication

Chairman Ohnishi (third from left) celebrates the dedication of Yamada International House in 2004.

Photo courtesy of: Office of Global Affairs

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Ohio University mourns loss of Chubu University Chairman Emeritus Ryozo Ohnishi

Ohio University has lost a friend and partner with the passing of Chubu University Chairman Emeritus Ryozo Ohnishi.

Ohio University’s partnership with Chubu University dates back more than 40 years and Chairman Ohnishi was instrumental in helping the partnership grow during his time with the university. 

Chairman Ohnishi visited Athens several times during his tenure and met with OHIO students, faculty and staff. His love for OHIO’s cherry tree grove, a gift from Chubu University, was well-known. During his visits to Athens he could often be found strolling amongst the trees.

One of his visits to Athens was in 2004, when OHIO formally named Yamada International House, the current home of the Office of Global Affairs and the Center for International Studies. The former Burson House, located on the College Green at the top of Jefferson Hill, was renovated and expanded thanks to a donation from Chubu University. 

Chairman Ohnishi often welcomed OHIO faculty, staff and students to Chubu University, including for Chubu University’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2014. Ohio University was an honored guest for the event where Chairman Ohnishi welcomed President Roderick J. McDavis, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and other OHIO officials to campus.

The Ohnishi Fellowship, named in honor of the Chairman, allows two Ohio University graduates each year to study at Chubu University. 

“Chairman Ohnishi will be greatly missed – not only by those who worked with him or knew him best, but also by his international partners he so greatly influenced on the other side of the globe,” noted President McDavis. 

This article was provided by the Office of Global Affairs.