Saturday, Aug 17, 2019

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A reminder from Human Resources about annual performance reviews

An email was sent to all Ohio University employees from Compensation Director Jan Myers reminding them about completing annual performance reviews:

Ohio University policy requires that performance evaluations are completed annually for all administrative and professional (A&P) and classified non-bargaining unit staff. Supervisors of A&P and classified non-bargaining unit staff are reminded that the deadlines for these evaluations are upcoming:

  • March 15 – A&P staff evaluations should be completed,
  • April 1 – classified non-bargaining unit staff evaluations should be completed.

All completed A&P evaluations should be sent to the respective planning unit head, while all completed classified evaluations should be sent to Compensation in University Human Resources (UHR).

Evaluations provide an opportunity to discuss performance against established goals and expectations. Supervisors and staff also are encouraged to begin planning for the next evaluation cycle by reviewing performance plans and career development for the upcoming year.  

All related forms, guidelines and policies are available on the Human Resources - Compensation website at www.ohio.edu/hr/performance. For guidance and training about performance management, please refer to the UHR Professional Development eLearning website at www.ohio.edu/hr/development/elearning.cfm. Performance Management modules include: introduction, feedback, evaluation, goal setting and employee motivation.  

If you have any questions about the evaluation process, please contact UHR Compensation staff: Heather Humphreys at 740-597-1703 or Jan Myers at 740-597-1824. For assistance with performance improvement plans and non-renewals, please contact UHR Employee and Labor Relations staff: Michael Courtney at 740-593-1643, Vickie Wortman at 740-597-1436 or Julie Campbell at 740-593-1644.  

This information was provided by Finance and Administration.