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University to host “Campus Conversation: Sexual Assault, Consent and Bystander Intervention”

The Ohio University community is invited to participate in an event designed to provide a safe place for people to ask questions, raise concerns, and educate themselves and others about sexual assault, consent and bystander intervention. The event will take place Thursday, Oct. 24, from noon to 4 p.m. in the Main Reception room near Nelson Court.

Several campus organizations and offices have been dialoguing throughout fall semester about the need to allow faculty, staff and students the opportunity to discuss themes involving rape and rape culture. There is no single organizer for the event because the idea is the collaborative effort of many people interested in providing the opportunity for the campus and community to dialogue about these issues and speak freely about a tough topic.

The Campus Conversation event will be set up in "World Café" style, with participants free to come and go as they are able. Tables will be set up around the room with facilitators at each, aiding in conversation and answering questions focusing on sexual assault, the meaning of 'consent' and the role bystanders play in an assault situation.

For individuals wanting a more private conversation, a quiet corner staffed with counselors will be available for small group or one-on-one discussions. Resources will be available from campus organizations for participants wishing to continue their personal conversation with the appropriate agency.

If you have additional questions about the Campus Conversation event, or are interested in facilitating a table, please contact the Women's Center or the Division of Student Affairs.