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Human Resources reminds everyone to not perform union work

Summer brings many opportunities for new and exciting work projects at Ohio University. 

During this time, University Human Resources is reminding everyone that certain work belongs only to AFSCME bargaining unit employees. If non-bargaining unit employees perform the work, it may violate the University's labor contract with the Union. Moving offices, weeding, planting, mowing, painting and hanging bulletin boards are a few examples of union-designated jobs on campus.

If your department has labor needs, please contact the appropriate department on campus. 

Erika Pearsol-Christie, director of Ohio University Employee and Labor Relations, said if non-bargaining unit employees perform union-designated work, the respective department may end up paying for the work twice – first paying the non-bargaining employee and also paying the appropriate bargaining unit employee for not doing the work. 

For more information, please contact Human Resources Employee and Labor Relations at 740-593-1636.