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War on terror and national civil liberties to be discussed at First Authors@Alden

Ohio University Libraries in association with Ohio University Press will host the first event in a series called, Authors@Alden On Thursday, Oct. 6.

This event will feature Andrew Welsh-Huggins, a legal affairs reporter with the Associated Press and the author of the new book, "Hatred at Home: al-Qaida on Trial in the American Midwest."

His free presentation, "High Stakes Balancing Act: The Government's Post-9/11 War on Terror," will take place at 3 p.m. on the fourth floor in Alden Library's Leisure Reading area. It is open to the public and refreshments will be provided.

Welsh-Huggins' book, published by Ohio University's Swallow Press, is a true crime drama that is sparking debate from all political corners about safety, civil liberties, free speech and the government's war at home.

"Hatred at Home" tells the true story of the prosecutions of the radical-Muslim trio who conspired with al-Qaida to plan American attacks while living in Columbus, Ohio. The focus of the book is the United States government's challenge of searching for terrorists in our homeland without the loss of our nation's civil liberties.

Welsh-Huggins' legal affairs background provides readers with the understanding of the complexity of the challenge while giving an in-depth look at the legal process behind the case and national security.

Welsh-Huggins' book "provides no easy answers, but does raise serious questions with repercussions far beyond Ohio," writes Jane Durrell of Cincinnati CityBeat. "Rights and freedom, the hallmarks of American life, are among the elements at risk when fighting terrorists who themselves are out to nullify them."

Huggins is also the author of "No Winners Here Tonight," which looks at Ohio's death penalty rulings through out history.

"Hatred at Home" is available on and will be for sale at the event. Keep on the lookout for future Authors@Alden events.