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Faculty and staff can choose from three meal plans.

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Faculty and staff meal plans give collaboration opportunities

A new year brings new changes to the way faculty, staff and students will dine at Ohio University.

Faculty and staff are now able to sign-up for several new meal plan offerings for use at any campus dining hall, Grab ‘N Go and more, opening up new opportunities for students, faculty and staff to share a meal together.

"The purpose of our new faculty and staff meal plans is to provide an additional tool to continue educational interaction outside of the classroom,” said Gwyn Scott, associate vice president of auxiliaries. "These meal plans further strengthen Ohio University as the best student-center learning experience in America."

Another new addition allows faculty and staff users to select and purchase their meal plans online. Previously, it was necessary for faculty and staff to stop at Chubb Hall before swiping their Ohio University ID at a culinary venue. However, if they prefer the former method, it remains open as an option.

The Culinary Services’ website offers three different select meal plans for faculty and staff, starting at $60/year: Culinary Passport, Connect 20 and Connect 10.

Faculty and staff opting for the Culinary Passport plan can use their flex points at any dining hall or Grab ‘N Go, as well as West 82, The Front Room, Latitude 39, Café BiblioTech and the OU-HCOM SAF café. Meal plans last for an entire academic year.

Faculty and staff eager to sign-up for a new meal plan can visit: