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This month in the senates: September

A brief overview of this month’s employee senate meetings

Classified Senate

No action items were discussed at the September meeting.
Matt Gibbs, contract administrator from University Purchasing was the guest speaker. He walked the group through a PowerPoint presentation that showed how the new Bobcat BUY E-procurement software (electronic buying/selling) program will work.

Linda Lonsinger, chief human resource officer, said the Human Resources Fair is Tuesday, Oct. 26 in the Baker University Center. The event offers a chance to learn more about various Ohio University departments, your benefits and retirement plans and much more.

The Classified Service Awards ceremony will be Sept. 30 in Nelson Commons. It is by invitation only.

Classified Senate has two vacant senator positions available. Call George Cheripko if interested.

President McDavis will be the guest speaker at the Oct. 21 meeting.

Administrative Senate

Senate Chair Lisa Kamody discussed website upgrades, future speakers, and potential future meeting presentations.

Becky Watts, President Roderick J. McDavis’ chief-of-staff, gave updates on the Board of Trustees’ summer retreat. She discussed plans for aligning financials, vision and strategic priorities in relation to external factors. She also gave an update on the Environmental Scan Team.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of committee work.

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate reintroduced a resolution for a re-vote and was formally introduced to Vice President of Finance and Administration Steven Golding.

The resolution to add a representative from the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs required an alteration to the Faculty Handbook, and therefore approval two-thirds majority of the membership to pass before moving forward.

The resolution got 33 votes at the senate’s June meeting, not the required 34. After some debate, the resolution passed. The senate can now prepare for the next step in the process, an all-faculty referendum.

The first item on the meeting’s agenda was an address by Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit. She discussed a wide variety of issues and heard responses from the senate.

One issue that prompted many questions and a lively debate was an explanation of the Environmental Scan.

She then introduced Golding, who was not previously on the meeting’s agenda. Golding answered questions related to technology purchasing at OHIO and where he foresees his interest directing him in this new position.