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First Emeriti Day is May 21

How has Ohio University changed over the last 40 years?

That is the question to be addressed by the University’s Emeriti Association members and guests in an open panel discussion scheduled for 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, in the Friends of the Library Room (319) of Alden Library.

Emeriti Association president George Weckman suggested this special observance as he heard people decrying the woes of state-supported colleges in Ohio and elsewhere in the nation. Having been on Ohio University’s faculty in the ’70s and onward until his full retirement last year, he reflected that people coming to grips with reality now should have seen it in the ’70s. Other Emeriti Association members joined Weckman to arrange this day of reflecting on the past. The group hopes to repeat a day like this annually hereafter.

A panel discussion at the occasion will include Alan Geiger, assistant to the president and secretary to the Board of Trustees emeritus; Richard Vedder, professor emeritus of economics; Guido Stempel, professor emeritus of journalism; and Jo Prisley, who earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Ohio University and returned to Athens permanently in 1963. Audience members are encouraged to join in, with both their memories and questions. Weckman will moderate.

A collection of emeriti memorabilia will also be on display on Alden Library’s fourth floor during May.

This first Emeriti Day will be recognized by a declaration from Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis and a proclamation by Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl to recognize the contributions of the Emeriti Association and its individual members for continuing to enrich the community in their retirement years. The major community-related contribution of the association has been the establishment and volunteer maintenance of the Emeriti Park, which is open to the public at all times. Members also volunteer at The Dairy Barn and The Kennedy Museum regularly, as well as serve the community in other ways.

May 21 also is the day of the International Street Fair. Weckman says he hopes that people attending it, as well as others in the community, will join the Emeriti for this free and open program at Alden.