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Graham Stewart

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Alumni Matters: Alumni Awards, new board members and the 2010 Annual Report

Alumni Awards and new board members

Each spring, the Ohio University Alumni Association (OUAA) and its Board of Directors work together to recognize the achievements of notable alumni, and to select new members for our Board of Directors. As you can imagine, reading dozens of applications from incredibly talented and successful alumni is powerful – it reinforces the importance of an Ohio University education, and reminds us all that there are 200,000 alumni who make a difference in their workplaces, in their communities and in their families every day. The prospective members for our board represent avid volunteers, engaged advisors and dedicated mentors – some of the most dedicated Bobcats in the land. Making decisions about who these awardees or new board members should be takes the nominating and awards committee many hours behind closed doors – but they always feel good about the final decisions. Our alumni should feel good about the decision too.

The 2011 Alumni Association Board of Directors Award winners are found here: www.ohio.edu/compass/stories/10-11/4/2011-alumni-association-awards.cfm

The new members of the Board of Directors are found here  www.ohio.edu/compass/stories/10-11/4/alumni-board-members.cfm

Annual Report
For the third year, the Alumni Association has prepared an annual report on its activities. This year we take a closer look at how we’ve grown since 2008. Take a moment to read the 2010 annual report or review the ones from years past. You’ll see that the OUAA has made significant progress in building alumni engagement and strategic partnerships with campus and corporate partners. We’ve created new events to bring alumni back to campus, expanded our network of regional chapters and affinity-based societies, improved engagement of our students, and recruited new volunteers to serve Ohio University.

One notable accomplishment for 2010 has been the explosion in the growth of our social network communities. Since 2009, fans and members of the OUAA’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites have more than doubled.

Looking ahead, the Alumni Association will play an important role in “The Promise Lives” campaign, by coordinating regional committees, creating exciting events and engaging even more alumni.

In case you didn’t realize it, every person on campus has a role in Alumni Relations. Student affairs, housing, parking services, technology, dining and of course - faculty and staff  ALL have a role in shaping the opinions and experiences that students, who become alumni, will use to gauge their involvement after graduation. We couldn’t be successful without your partnership – Thank you!

Go Bobcats!

Graham Stewart
Executive Director of the Alumni Association