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Employee Assistance Program offers variety of support programs

HR updates the University community on Impact Solutions and drug-free workplace policy

Each year, Human Resources encourages employees and their family members to take advantage of the resources available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), known as Impact Solutions.

Impact Solutions offers a variety of work/life balance programs and counseling by professional providers.

At this time of year, emphasis is placed on raising awareness regarding a Drug-Free Workplace. Ohio University strives to make the work environment safe and to comply with the legislation of the Drug-Free Workplace (41 USC 701*) and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (PL 101-226).  

Drug-free workplace programs help protect employers and employees alike from the consequences of worker alcohol or drug abuse.  

Establishing policies, educating about the dangers of alcohol and drug use, deterring and detecting use and urging employees to seek help for alcohol and drug problems are smart safety strategies.  

The University offers resources for faculty and staff that need help dealing with drug and alcohol issues, including the EAP, Impact Solutions. Their screening tool is quick, confidential and can be done using an employee or family member’s personal computer.  

The screening tool provides feedback and treatment resources in specific geographical regions.
To learn more, visit the Impact Solutions website.  Log on to www.impactemployeeassistance.com and type "ohiouniversity" (lowercase) as the Username under “Member Login.” Or, employees or their family can reach Impact Solutions by calling 1-800-227-6007. Tell them you are with Ohio University.