Megan Helgeson on her first day in the residence halls.

Photo courtesy of: Megan Helgeson

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Move In 2010

My move in experience

An upperclassman shares her perspective on moving in at OHIO

Here it is – the start of a new school year at our beloved Ohio University. There are first-year students coming in, uncertain of what to expect, and there are seniors going out, who are thinking about the end of their journey.

I’m in the second category, and as I watch freshmen and their parents bring box after box up the residence halls’ stairs, I can’t help but think about my move in and first year at OHIO.

The first lesson I learned was that I should have completed the room evaluation before moving in all of my boxes, so that I could see if my bed springs - among many other things - were new, good or poor condition. However, the two most important discoveries I picked up are as follows:

1. Think long and hard about what side of the room you choose.

This is clutch because, believe it or not, the side of the room you pick can impact how well your freshman year goes.

Now, I wanted the side nearest the window so I would have a good view while sitting at my desk, but little did I know that living on that side would affect me in other ways.

My desk was facing my bed, so that if I looked to my right I could see out the door and into the hallway. Placement of your desk - if you use it - is important because every time a person walked by, I could look up and over, see who it was and say “Hi.”

This may seem cheesy, but it helped with getting to know people. Every day, people would pass by and say, “Hi” to me because they could see me.

2. Leave your door open.

Fun fact: Some colleges do not allow students living in the dorms to leave their doors open, so take advantage of your freedom here at OHIO.

If you are home and awake, OHIO lets you keep your bedroom door open. If you're sleeping, or aren't home, then you have to be safe and shut it.

When you are in your room, apart from when you’re changing clothes or doing something else potentially embarrassing, open your door. People are more apt to initiate a conversation with someone who has his or her door open than to go knock on a closed door.

One night during move-in weekend guys living catty-corner down the hall from my roommate and I stopped by because they saw us hanging out and we played the card game Euchre.

I made some other great friends my freshman year because they stuck their heads in my door and we started talking.  

Ultimately, the idea behind move in weekend, with all its activities, is to help you meet new people and have fun doing it. You will meet friends you will have for the rest of your life during college, so take initiative your first weekend here and start that process.

Move-In Weekend: Events & Entertainment

Thursday, Sept. 2
Movie on the Green  featuring “Couples Retreat”
8:30 p.m. on College Green
Popcorn & drinks! Bring a blanket!
*Rain location: 4th floor Baker University Center Ballroom
Friday, Sept. 3
Bobcat Bash 2010
8 p.m. – 1 a.m. at Baker University Center
Dance party, cornhole, outdoor concert, photo booth, blackjack, video games, karaoke, food, $4,000 in prizes & more!
*Rain or Shine

Saturday, Sept. 4
Saturday Night Football
5 p.m. – Bobcat Student Park opens
The event will feature free Chipotle burritos, available at the Bobcat Student Park, Inflatable games, corn hole & music!
7 p.m. – Ohio Football Game

Sunday, Sept. 5
Party in the Sand
8 p.m. – 11 p.m. at South Beach on South Green
Sand volleyball, live music, slip ‘n’ slide, food, bonfire and more!
*Rain or Shine